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Flying with 2 year old Lock Rss

This is going to sound silly to most people most likely, but I am going to Melbourne via plane shortly with my very active 2 year old. It is only an hour or so flight, but I am going to have a problem controlling my son. It ain't an easy task to get him to sit still for 5 mins let alone an hour and a bit. I am planning on packing toys and books for him, but cause it is something new I can see him wonting to run around and explore, which am guessing isn't such a good idea, you don't wont to get other passengers upset. Has anyone got suggestions apart form restraining him to a seat and then having a screaming match.

Hi Heather,

When my son turned 2, we flew up to Queensland for a holiday so I was in the same boat. He is a really active toddler who can't sit still so I was worried how we would cope. I found that he was happy sitting during take off and landing because it was all an adventure and then the airline provided pencils and a colouring book which kept him amused for a few minutes. He then spent most of the flight walking up and down the aisles, checking out the toilets, chatting to people around him and making a huge mess with the airline food. He loved getting the food tray and opening all the food items and eating bits and pieces off it. The hour or so goes really quickly but we let him do pretty much his own thing and no tears or tantrums and really I don't think anyone was annoyed by him at all. Besides, don't worry about the other passengers, just worry about yourself and your little boy. They can put up with a restless kid for an hour or so, it won't kill them. Good luck!

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