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We have just been told about a range of products for our bub that are all natural and have been reported to help with eczema. We have been battling with eczema on my four month old son's face for over a month and nothing seems to be worknig (pinetasal, paw paw cream, dermaid etc.). Today we brought the baby bee baby botty butter made by Beauty and the Bees and my husband commented on haw much differance it has made after one application so I thought I would let everyone know about this range. The website is and there is a full list of stockist's for each state or you can order online.

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

Sorry just realized I put down the wrong product name. The botty butter is for nappy area as the name suggests. The one that is working so well on my sons eczema is Baby Bee BABY CREAM. I must say his face is still a little patchy but not any where near as bad as it was. His face was red raw, so dry it was flaking and weeping in spots. We have seen almost instant improvement. It is still a little dry but the redness is now only minimal and it is no longer weeping after just two days of using the baby bee cream. We are also bathing him in the baby bee honey cream bath as this is also meant to provide eczema relief. Sorry again for putting down the wrong name but it is like a chemist here at the moment. Hope this helps some poor eczema bubs and there sressed mums.

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

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