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Portable Booster Seats For Feeding?? Lock Rss

Hi, I hope this makes sense but I'm on the lookout for those seats that you can strap onto a normal dining chair to feed bubs in.

We spend a fair bit of time at my uncle and aunts place (always happens to be over lunch time!) and they have a highchair but it no longer has straps so DS (1yr) always spends more time trying to climb out instead of eating!!

I'm sure I've seen one that can be folded up so it's easy to carry around but for the life of me can't remember where.

If anyone knows of the type I'm talking about or has another sort please let me know, and also if you think they are any good.

Thanks in advance

DSS 13yr, DS1 4yr, DS2 3yr


I have a safety first one. It is blue with a yellow removeable tray. It folds up quite compactly and has a little compartment that you can store a bib/wipes/fork and spoon in too. It also has two heights so you can use it at the dining table without the tray.

I think it is a fantastic and have had a lot of use out of it. It is very easy to pack up and set up.

I think it was about $55 from Target.


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i have 2
the multi coloured one (is that the safety first) we use it every night for dinner and i dont think its that good anymore as bennett can push the tray off then his food goes flying and he does too as we dont use the straps.

no matter how securely the tray is locked in her can push it out from his side.

We also have the other type i think its called teh first years and its is pretty good this one has no tray and we just use this for restaurants. however depending on the type of chair its not always secure esp when he is wiggling waiting for his tea.


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