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Listens to dad but not mum.Help!!! Lock Rss

Hey there all. My problem at the moment with my daughter of 14 months is that she seems to react to her dad when she gets told not to do something. But when I tell her to stop doing something or no mummy dont take your hair clip off etc etc......or dont jump off the lounge etc she'll look at me and continue to do so. I tell yell at her when I speak I remain calm but assertive. Why does she do this? Is it because her dads' hardly at home (always at working when she's awake). Is she testing me or what? How can I get her to understand when I say no I mean NO????? Help me please smile
Hi Saf,

Don't know if I can offer much advice as I think most kids do this. However, be firm and make sure you follow through. If you tell her no, and she still does it, then punish her (time out or whatever). Also, make sure you prioritise the problems. If she is doing something that isn't naughty but just a bit aggravating, is it really worth an argument? If you are going to discipline, then discipline for the right issues and not the trivial ones, otherwise it will be a constant battle. Just a thought, you may get more responses to this if you put it in the Toddlers and Relationship section as I think this section is mainly to review products etc. and people might not come here to read your message.

Good luck.

Hi Saf, the book 'Toddler Taming" has a really good take on this subject. Have a look on ebay and you'll probably pick a copy up cheap.
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