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New member - working mum. Lock Rss

I'm mum to a very active 17 month old son, and I also work full-time in a pretty full on job. My husband is a stay at home dad - and fantastic at it....trouble is, I feel as though I'm missing out on so much. When I come home exhausted at the end of each day, I find it so hard to spark up for the little man!
Life has been pretty much a blur since his arrival - having our first in our mid-thirties was a shock to the body is still recovering!
Anyway, I now feel as though life is now looking up and would like to read how other mum's in similiar situations have coped.

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)


Well this is my first time logging on so I hope it works.

I am a new member I have two sons, a 21month old and a 18 day old! Life is busy. I am currently on maternity leave and up until 3 weeks ago was working. I do love my kids but do very much enjoy my work.

I am finding having the 2 boys very busy and especially around dinner time, I am lucky as my toddler, Joshua is babysat 3 days a week (to hold the spot for when I return to work and to keep his routine). Tomorrow is my first day on my own with the 2 of them.... I am quite anxious about it, I had a csection and thus can not lift my 14.5kilo toddler, so it is going to be interesting.

I have to do it sometime though!

Look forward to chatting with you all soon.

Bye for now.


I can definitely agree that life is busy. I now have 2 sons, the youngest is just 18 days old.

Up until the kids I had a great career, very satisfying and challenging, I loved working, it was my life.

Don't get me wrong I love my boys dearly but returning to work for me gave me a break from being a full time mum and I appreciate my time with my toddler so much more now.

My husband is very good, he also enjoys his job, we both have to pull our weight and pitch in when we get home from work. We make a pretty good team so things are good at home.

I am currently on maternity leave and plan to take 8 months which is the same time off that I had with my first.

I better go and wake the newborn up for a feed, it has been 4 hours since the last feed.

Take care

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