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hi, when my partner (david) and i first started talking about kids we both agreed we would like a boy and a girl and they would be called samuel and lara. well anyway i got preganant and had a horrible labour so once our beautiful son was born david said i could pick the name because i went through so much pain (aww how sweet!) so i dont know why but i picked "Caleb" which i really love. when he was a baby people would ask his name and i would say caleb and they would say "what" it was so uncommon 4 years ago but now the name seems to be more popular.

when i pregnant again i think i read the baby names book every day. i think it is so exciting giving your baby a name. anyway david said he gets to pick the name this time because i picked it last time so i wasnt really happy about that! anyway we found out we were having a girl and i wanted Zoey but he said NO WAY! so when she was born it was either Hannah or Hailey and it was up to him to pick but when we found out the midwife who delivered had a surname of Hannah we thought it must be a sign so she was named "Hannah Rose"

i want to have 2 more kids another boy and girl hopefully so i am always on the lookout for new names. it drives me mad sometimes! smile

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

My son's name is Jacob Patrick - funnily the Jacob was added to our list after watching "Stargate" one night and the Patrick is in memory of my aunt "patricia" who passed away in July 2003.

His name was originally going to be Jacob Daniel but hubbie blew me away one day by suggesting the name change to Patrick in memory of my aunt.

Special name for a Special Boy!
Hi mums,

you all have chosen beautiful names for your children.

My daughters name is Amira, in arabic (her father is lebanese) her name means 'princess' and thats exacyly what she is our little princess.

Other names i would chose if we sorted ur differences and had other children would be:

Khalid - his fathers name

Aiesha (ai-e-sha)
Kadesha (k-de-sha)

Aimee, 4 year old princess

Hi there

I have five children

My first child a daughter was named Kayla after Kayla Brady - character from Days Of Our lives, her middle name was named after my middle name.
My second child Emma was just a name we both agreed on with no real meaning. Her middle name was Louise named after my antenatal doctor and she actually got a second middle name Dawn as she was born at 5.00am and after her birth my husband walked outside and saw a beautiful dawn breaking.
My third child is Brandon as it was the only name we could agree on (my husband can be difficult with choosing names). His middle name is James after his fathers middle name.
My fourth childs name is Samantha and her middle name is Anne and as our surname begins with a M this makes her initials SAM.
Our fifth (and Final) childs name is Cameron again just the only name we could agree on and his middle name is James after his father and brothers middle name. I had all the baby name books purely for names, I never really worried about what they meant and still could not tell you what they meant.
So I think the only thing in a name is what you make it.
Thats funny your daughters initials being SAM as thats my initials! Although the S stands for Sarah. My mother wanted to name me Samantha as she liked Sam for short but my father hated it so they settled on my initials being SAM.

Anyway my little boys name is Liam Garth. All through my pregnancy I wanted Tyson for a boy but my partner wouldn't have it due to the whole 'Mike Tyson' thing. We had a few other names like Dylan and Cody but got sick of both after awhile and liked Noah towards the end until my partners mother ruined that name for us! And after he was born my partner said i could choose whatever name i wanted as he was still in shock over seeing me push the little fella out!

Anyway he didn't suit Tyson and
liam just popped into my head. Garth was my partners fathers name who passed away when he was little and his mum always regretted giving my partner the middle name Gareth instead of Garth to make it a little different, So we gave our son Garth instead.

As for girls name I was set on Kaitlyn since I was a little girl but when my step mother fell pregnant with a girl she had Jade picked out and asked me what I would name my little girl when I have one and I made the mistake of telling her and subsequently have a half sister named Kaitlyn. But I do quite like Mikayla Anne I'll just be a bit careful who I tell this time!

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

We named our son Lachlan Vincent George. Lachlan was my late step-fathers middle name, Vincent was my parnters grandfather who passed away 1mth before he was born, and George was my grandfather who passed away at the time of his conception. If he grows up to be like any of those 3 people he will be a fantastic person

Proud Mummy!

Hi there...I was lucky enough to have a girl so I named her but if she was a boy her father was going to name him Brock (after Peter Brock) yuck!!!

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months

hi there, was just reading all the postings for the first time. It is very interesting to read all the replies. Children are such special gifts and their names so unique to them.

My two daughters' names are arabic and were chosen for their meanings.

1st DD is Haleemah Sadiyah (3yrs). Haleemah means a lady with patience and perseverance. Sadiyah means fortunate/blessed. So far Haleemah is strong in perseverance but not so patient!! typical toddler.

2nd DD is Muneerah Imaan (4mnths). Muneerah means brillant/shinning/highly illuminated. Imaan means faith. We are hoping that she will have brilliant, shinning faith. She certainly has a brillant, shinning personality.
hi there

i knew i was having a girl so i was pretty set on the name yahlia jade tj, then when i was visiting a friend i went down the street called alexis and i loved it straight away and called her alexis sophie sophie after gg grandma. i loved it also because i have worked with lots of kids and wanted a name that i didnt accociate any children that ive worked with, just wanted something unique but not 2 unique.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

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