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I had my little boy 4 months ago and put on 20kg while im was pregnant as im sure many of you can relate to and i tried everything to get rid of that extra weight then one day a friend of mine who i had not seen in years phoned me for a catch up well the short side of the story is she recommended these weight loss pills

I have been on these pills for only 1 and a half weeks and OMG they are awesome my tummy is already so much flatter and have lost 3kg they are dali pills down side is you can't use them while your breast feeding. i would highly recommend these they dont have the usual side effects that most weightloss pills have.
they $26 of one box (1 month supply) or $48 for 2 boxes postage is not included in that price

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Hi there
What is the name of the pills..


Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

they are dali lida
Hi there,

After alot of research,I have started taking these today,along with a healthy diet and exercise.Ideally I would love to lose 10kg,and I have finlly finished breastfeeding.I wil keep you posted on my progress with these pills.So far my appetite has disappeared and I have done a 1 hour walk,sounds too good to be true!
alicia88 how are you finding your results so far?Sounds like you are doing really well smile
Has anyone else taken them and had good results?
Hi guys.

Just wondering if you could tell me more about these pills ie side effects, how they actually help with weight loss, are they still helpful if theres not much weight to loose, where to ge them etc. Irish-eyes, you've done your research... this could be one for you!! Is there a website i can access to find out more. How are you guys going with them? Hope you can help...summers coming and my tummy is by no means ready for a bikini!!!!! Thanks, Kylie.
Hi kyles-05,

I found info about this by googling it,there is actually a thread on them,people who have started taking them and how they are finding it.
I got mine from,they provide lots of insight into the ingredients and their properties.
They are taken from Chinese herbs and 100% natural.I imagine you can take them for a little weight loss or alot.
So far today,I had lots of energy,appetite has disappeared(went grocery shopping and didn't even glance at the chocolate!).I am very tired this evening and have abit of a headache,they say this is common due to detoxing.I am sure I have alot of toxins!!Yet am looking forward to seeing how I feel later in the week:)
Just be aware that they don't have TGA approval for this product. One look at the spiel will tell you that! Melt fat.....pfftttt!!! Good luck ladies, but be careful!
Was aware of that,emailed the company to reassure me that they were completely natural and safe,checked also with my doctor and she said I was good to take them.I wouldn't want to take something that was going to cause problems.

So far have lost 3kgs,and am have a very healthy lifestyle,don't head for the wrong foods,and drink about 3 litres of water.I will stick with them for now,feel perfectly fine and they are doing what they say they do.Thanks for the warning though : )
Good on you Irish-eyes! I'm jealous! I'm eating Malteasers as I type sad Damn addictive sugar!!!! In my work I speak to so many people who are duped by dodgey weight loss products, I just wanted to make sure you were well informed. I've also heard horror stories from clients who have been told by their doctors that they can go and take any old herb because they are 'natural'!! Hemlock is natural too, I dare any doctor to go and take a dose! Keep up the good diet and lifestyle choices that you've made already - that's the hardest part. wink
Hi Alicia, where did you get your tablets from. I found themon the physio care website for $40 a box, I like your price better!!



Hi it is so good to hear that they are working for you aswell. also to Bluskye the ladies email address is [email protected] her name is debra and she is very friendly if anyone has any questions would like info or would like to order just give her an email and let her know i refered you good luck ladies i am goin great every one is asking me what im doing and how great i look. I LOVE IT!!!
I have lost over 10kg so far ...grin
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