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Geeze, thats a tough one. Has Cody seen a nutritionalist? They might be able to give his parents a good plan regarding diet and exercise which might help contribute to calming him down some.

I think his parents need to be consistent in what ever they try. Some-times it might take 2-3 months of doing the same discipline routine before it really hits home.

Its certainly a hard one, but there are lots of support mechanismsn in place if they chat to their CHN and/or GP.

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I can relate to your situation although I was probably on the other side of it. My boy was a bit like your friend's boy (a bit on the rough side) when he was around that age. I have a friend that has a daughter close to my son's age too and when I babysat her twice (between her first and second birthdays), she would often be wary of my son.

Anyway, my son is nearly four now and is a much changed boy and he plays much more pleasantly with his friends now. So please know there is hope.

It could be a sensitivity to a preservative or flavouring so maybe try suggesting your friend look up Sue Dengate's Fed Up with Food Additives website (not sure of the actual address, but google the title and you should find it).

I know a few friends of mine swear by Fish Oil (Omega 3). Apparently there is possible benefits for kids that are hyperactive or ADHD.

Maybe a little consistency and persistence with discipline tactics too. It took me and my hubby ages to break our son of the biting habit when he was younger, but with persistence, the habit has all but gone.

Distraction may be a useful tool in the interim. Supervise the kids play closely and stop any incidents before they start (if you can of course) before they happen - or stop the incident as sooon as you can and distract both kids with something else (maybe something separate for each one).

It could also be a developmental thing too maybe. My boy seemed to be at his roughest before he could talk very well. Now that he is able to speak clearly and has a much larger vocabulary, he is so much calmer. (Sometimes, littles ones feel overwhelmed or frustrated and just can't express themselves or make themselves understood and can act out). Okay - these are all theories and may just come under the banner of being just my opinion, but I hope there is something that can help you.

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Apart from everything else the others have mentioned, maybe then check out if he has Aspbergers(sp?) syndrome. I know someones child that has it, and it does sound similar to what you describe as Cody's behaviour???
As for your little man, i would not leave him alone with Cody for a minute. You sound like you dont anyway..Good luck, its awful to see you little ones picked on like that no matter what the reason..Let us know how yu

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I know what you are going through as my little man now 21 months is scared of the kid nxt door whicj is a year older then ds as he picks on him all the time. Every time the child next door would see my son he would push him over or hit him so it got to the point where i would not let my son near him or play with him. My husband on night lost his temper with his parents and it sort of made it weird but i'm telling you if you do nothing it makes it terrible for your child down the road as my son is now scared of most kids even when the other child is just trying to play with him. It takes my son alittle time to see if they are okay and not going ti hurt him....solve it now as it could change the way he thinks about other kids.
i hoped i helped...and what do the other parents do??children do learn wrong from right...


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