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sleep DEPRIVATION!!! Lock Rss

I am having problems with my 15mth old girl- I work of a night time as a waitress and daddy stays at home on 'night watch'- she has gone from sleeping from 7pm - 7.30am to not wanting to sleep at all untill maybe 9pm or 10pm- which is roughly when I get home from work- we think she is waiting up for me- but we really need some ideas as my partner is generally up by 2.30am as he is a butcher- and its been gradually getting worse, and of course there has been alot of frustration and tension between us and our relationship due to this! Is any one else going through this problem?? I would really love to her from you!!!

Cassie, NSW, 15mth baby girl

Hi Cassie,
Gosh this is a tricky one. Does she have a day sleep and for how long?. Maybe she isn't really tired at 7pm to go down for the night and she is obviously aware that you are not around either. Is there something or yours she could go to bed with?.My boys are that way inclined if I am not home at bedtime they will ask "where's mummy" and DH always says I will be back soon and I will come and say goodnight to them.
Your partner needs his sleep too getting up that early for work so I can see why things might be getting a bit hard for the both of you. Maybe not having a day sleep could get her to bed earlier or cutting it to only an hr so she is happy enough till bedtime.
I really don't know what else to suggest sorry!
Hope things get easier

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