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Hi Mums! I was just curious of all of you who have two or more children , when you came home with bubs - where did they sleep and did they wake the other children up when they needed feeds? Im trying now and i never had my son in my room as he made too many of those beautiful little noises , but i just couldnt sleep - so he as in his nursery from day 1. The kids bedrooms are going to be right next to each other and im affraid of the newborn waking the toddler.

My friend has just had a baby and she said she would run into the room to pick her up , but then realised her son would wake but resettle himself. Just interested on your thoughts.
Thanks Jess xxx
My DD has never once woken to the sound of her little brother. Over the past 18mths we have had a LOT of nights up with him screaming and it never once woke up my daughter, maybe she is just a deep sleeper.
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