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What age to move into a big bed???? Lock Rss

Hi everyone!

My daughter Macenzie is 16 months old and I am 6 weeks prenant with our second. I want to have Macenzie out of the cot by the time the new bub arrives.

I was thinking I would change her cot into a mini bed in a couple of months and then change her into a big bed 2 months before the bub arrives. (so as not to get jealous).

I would love to hear what ideas others have had and how they went.

thanks for reading! Aileen. smile

Aileen, nsw, Macenzie17 months plus 1 edd 4/11/04


My son went into a bed at the age of 2 as he was toilet trained & if he needed to wee in the night he could get up.
Putting him down for his day sleep was a bit of a problem as he would just get straight up & play when I put him down.

Hope I've helped

Hi mac'smum,
I think you should move Macenzie straight to the big bed. If you worried, wait another month or two. My girlfriend didn't move her daughter until she was 6 mths pregnant. I bought a bed rail for Kristopher so he can't fall out, but if you really worried another girlfriend of mine also put a matteress down on the ground. Set the bed up and let her get used to it while there's no pressure to have to sleep in it, and I think you will find she will love being a big girl.
Good luck, Let us know how you go!
Hi mac'smum,

I have just gone through this same situation. I have a 17.5 month old daughter and am now 30+ weeks pregnant. We decided last week to move our daughter to a big bed and while I have had lots of concerns it has gone very well. She has been sleeping in her bed for a whole week now!

We thought about doing the mattress on the floor thing first, but decided to set the bed up and see what happened... we did put a mattress on the floor beside the bed to catch our daughter should she fall, as we have timber floors!

The first night our daughter curled up in her big bed and went to sleep. My husband and I thought this was way too easy, but then she woke at midnight crying and it took me and hour to convince her to stay in bed and go back to sleep.

The next 2 nights she cried a little before going to sleep, but then slept right through till morning. On the fourth night she kept getting out of bed, so we would go in and put her back into the bed and tell her goodnight and leave... after doing this a dozen times, my husband went in and lay down with her and they both fell asleep (a very cute sight). The next night she went to bed without a fuss and slept from 7pm to 7am... in the morning she climbed out of bed and ran into our room all smiles and happy.

Her day sleeps have been a different matter, a bit more of a struggle to get her to stay in bed... but once she is asleep she stays there for about 2 hours. So although this might sound like a lot of work, it actually has been a lot easier than I thought it would.

I now have just under 10 weeks to get my daughter into such a great big bed routine before her world is turned upside down again, by the arrival of her baby brother.

I hope this will help you a little. The importance in the change over is to be CONSISTENT and PERSISTANT... if you give in to your toddler when they don't want to go to bed I think you will end up with problems. Once we decide it is bedtime, then it is bedtime - even if our daughter gets up a dozen times!

Goodluck with the move to a big bed... would love to hear how it all goes.

Michelle smile smile smile
Hi Michelle...anyone!,
Im 5 months pregnant and my daughter is 17 mths old and I want to put her into a big bed also. My problem is, I have had the bed set up in her room for a month or so now so she could get used to it, but all she does is use it as a trampoline (when Im not looking)! She has become very naughty about going to bed lately aswell and most nights (and every day) will cry for a minute or so before realising she's not going to get out of the cot, so she might as well go to sleep. She sleeps in a sleeping bag too as she gets out of the blankets every night, so I cant see how I am ever going to keep her in that bed when at the moment she stands by her cot bars crying...she's just gonna keep on falling out of the bed and I worry that she is going to hate it for that reason (and more so hurt herself). Should I wait til she goes to sleep in the cot without any playing up again...or just do it. Any suggestions?

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

Hi Sophies mum,

It's a big thing for everyone to go thru, and i really wish you the best of luck.

With the standing in her cot and crying, she will probably get up and cry at the door when you put her in her new bed. She will learn though, that this doesn't impress mum and dad, and that bed is comfier too. My daughter still gets out of bed now and has a play before she goes to sleep. But she knows she won't be let out till she has had her sleep.

As Michelle mentioned, it's persistance that will pay off. We had a terrible first few nights when we put our daughter into her new bed, at about the same age as your little girl. Within a week she was sleeping perfectly again, in her new big bed.

If she just keeps jumping on the bed, you could just take the bed out and leave the mattress. This can sometimes seem less daunting to kiddies, not having the bed so high!

Goodluck and keep us updated if you get a chance,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe,
Thanks for your advice. Do you mean that you close the door to her bedroom when she has been put to bed?? I have never done that to Sophie, so I dont know if that will freak her out more so...

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

Hi Sophies Mum,

Well it seems like a life time ago that I last posted here. I have since given birth to my son and he is now 5 weeks old! My daughter is now almost 21 months old and is sleeping perfectly in her big bed.

I have found from my own experience that the more anxious we are when it comes to change with our toddlers, the more anxious they become! You need to relax and make the change over as fun as possible. Be encouraging and supportive and show your daughter that she is a big girl now and has a "special big bed". Get her to help you make the bed, try putting her favourite teddy on the bed... just don't show her any signs of stress from you!

Maybe you need to start off slowly to get your daughter used to the big bed, lie on the bed with her... make it seem like fun! My daughter jumped on the bed when it was all new, but now she hardly ever does.

Also my daughter sleeps with her bedroom door closed too. She will climb out of bed during the day if she doesn't want to sleep and will play quietly with her toys until I check on her and let her out of her room. At night once she goes to bed she stays there, in the morning she gets up and plays until we all get up.

You sound so anxious about it all... chances are your little girl will take it all in her stride! It's normal to have a few bad days and nights as she adjusts... like I said before CONSISTENT and PERSISTANT... it's the only way!

Goodluck with the swap over, hope to hear glowing reviews about your precious girls first sleep in her big bed soon.

Michelle smile

Hi again,

You bet i close her door, in fact, both their doors, and my son is in a cot. I really cannot imagine it any other way. I am also lucky that my house is very old, and the door handles are very high, so she can't turn them yet! She has learnt to drag things and climb to the door handle, but we have now put on a child proof cover thingy.

I know most people do leave their kids doors open, and i will have to, too when my daughter starts night training, but not just yet thanks.

Maybe you could try closing her door now, why she is still in her cot.

Goodluck whatever way it all happens,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

wow.....Tepe and Michelle, you both sound so controlled and in control!! Im sure Sophie rules this house more than we do. First thing hubby has to do when he gets home is fix the creaking sound her door makes when opened (it's out of alignment or something) otherwise I will wake her when I go to check on her. And from now on, Im in charge!
Thank you so much for all your help.

Sophie and Daniel's Mum - Tassie

My daughter is 15months, and in the past two weeks, we have changed her to a big bed too. She has been fine, she has only fallen out of bed once (onto pillows) and though she wasn't hurt, that seemed to teach her, and now she is fine.

We tried the mattress on the floor thing, but every sleep time became horror because she took it as an opportunity to play for a couple of hours in her room! She is too young to have worked out how to get herself down from her bed yet, so in my case, I have found the big bed very good. She doesn't seem to lose her dummy so often either now....and I think she stays in one place more too which is good.

We also close the door to her room when she goes to sleep, I don't think she'd sleep any other way....she'd be too excited about what was happening around her. We've done so since she was about 5 or 6 months old and had learnt to be a sticky beak!!

Anyway,...hope you reach a decision soon. I've found the big bed great.

It has been interesting to read all the posts on this issue.

This past weekend we bought a bed for our 19 month old. It is set up in her room with the cot opposite it. We haven't tried putting her in it yet but she was happy to play on it.

I was wondering if it is best to remove the cot from the room when we start to put her in the bed so that she doesn't get up and climb into the cot??
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