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My 3yr old daughter won't do poos in the loo!! Lock Rss

Wow - seems a few people have or had the same problems as we have at the mo.
This has been going on for about 6mths.
My darling daughter goes to the loo to do wees, but when its time for the poo, she'll hide in a room somewhere or outside - squat down and go in her undies. Then won't come and tell me, but wait till I can smell it for me to sort it out. We have tried explaining that you do wees AND poos in the toliet, tried bribes, tried charts, tried taking away treats - but to no avail!!!! Sometimes its a fight to get her on the loo to even go wees!! And we know she'll be needing to go!! HELP!!!!

Mum of 2!

Oh we went through 7mnths of this! Like the exact thing my DD would do...

What we done was when we worked out what time of the day she usually went and done #2's or was in the arvo we took her knickers off her..anyway she would scream and yell and carry on telling us to give them back coz she needed to go! Then it got to much for her and she used the toilet. I wish I worked this out ages before this but we got there and then we did a huge a dance and bought her maccas lol and no accidents and saved her knickers for going to the bin, I reckon I had chucked out maybe close to 20 pairs of knickers in 7mnths !

Good luck hope it works or what you do works...

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

Friends of ours had this problem, they let her read junk mail on the loo and she did it.
I posted a thread, but no-one looked at it. It said...Yayyyy!! My DS is 3 and has been really good at weeing in the toilet but just couldn't get the hang of poo's. He would wait until he got a nappy on to sleep and within minutes... BINGO, there was his poo. After about 6 months of trying all sorts of things, I got really fed up last week and decided, "today's the day"!!! I knew he had a poo brewing so I sat him on the toilet and told him NOT to move until he'd done a poo. Well, it took 1.5 hours but he finally did it!!! YYAAYYYY!!! Needless to say, the next day and ever since he has only taken about 3 minutes to produce a poo. Today, he even told me, "Mummy, I need to poo!!!"

Just thought I'd share my little breakthru

Kate was the same so I reintroduce the potty for maybe 1 month. She now does her wees in the loo and poo in the potty. Just today I had success when she demanded her potty I simply said it's dirty and I've thrown it out from now on no more potty you'll have to do it in the loo. She did her business without hiccups. Hope this helps.

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