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trying to teach my son to go potty Lock Rss

i would like some idea on teaching my son about the potty he is neally 3 he knows how to use the potty and what it is for but he wont use it all the time any idea on how to make him use it all the time so i can not use nappies any more i am also having the problem he has done po's in the shower a few times with out me realiseing it the times we have done it we have told him off and kicked him out of the shower and sent him too bed he knows it is wrong and wont tell us or go to the potty any ideas i need him to learn as quick as poissible so we can send him to kinda any idea would be nice
Hi Missymoo800,

I have heard that putting a ping pong ball in the toilet works for toilet training little boys to wee, as it gives them something to aim at, rather than trying to get them to sit on a potty. I honestly can't remember what problems I had when it came to training my son, as he is just over 8 1/2 years old. I do know that he preferred sitting on a toilet seat on the toilet rather than a potty.

Qld, Jayme 8 1/2yr boy, Kate 2yr girl

Thanks gumby i've been having trouble with my 22month old son. With trying to get him to sit on the potty i'll try just puting him on the toliet.
I wasnt ready for my son to start toilet training as i was getting ready for number two to arrive and then i was going to worry about it, but he wanted to go one day and apart from a few accidents and telling him thats ok next time, hes been dry for eight months except for sleep time.
Before he decided he wanted to go the potty was in amongst all his toys and he used to play with it sit on it and read (books or his fav junk mail). He used to sit on the toilet in the ensuite while i had a shower. He used to sit on the toilet floor and talk to hubby while he was busy then progressed to running and getting the potty so he could sit in the toilet with dad. He also went to daycare one full day a week.
I dont know if it was any of these things that helped or if it was just that he was ready.
I have heard from many different sources that girls are easier than boys but all the girls we know around his age group arent interested yet, so who knows.
Good luck

ps we found lots of praise works, we found some matchie cars for $1
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