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Help!! My sweet little 2yo just broke her leg!?! Lock Rss

I am looking for advice, any advice on what to do with a 2 yo with a broken leg. For those curious ones, she was jumping on the trampoline and landed wrong, then I heard the "crack" sound and I never want to hear that again!!!!!Now that's out of the way, she broke it yesterday and she will be getting a full cast tommorrow, the problem is, she will not be able to walk on it for 6 weeks. I have an old rickety pram that is not suitable because its a jogger type and the step is too high and hurts her leg. As you can imagine, she's 2 so she's normally very active and needs a way to get around in the house too. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Caz

Candice,QLD, Four children

Probably a bit late for you now that this happened a couple of weeks ago, but they adapt really well she will work out how to get around but a skateboard will make it easier for you she cn lie down and push herself about or a scoot board something like that will make a world of difference. The occupational therapists at the hosptial will have contacts and great ideas, so if you haven't already tap into them, they should also help you out with your carseat if it needs adjusting with her cast to keep her safe on her travels to appointments.

Goodluck I hope it is a quick 6 or so weeks for you all.
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