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I have a 25 month old daughter who has been toilet training for about 4 months. She basically started on her own so it was very easy for me. In that time she has been fantastic with only occasional accidents. She had an incident at the swimming pool about 3 weeks ago where she went under and got very scared. Since then the toilet training has gone seriously backwards. She wees everywhere and sometimes doesn't even tell me after the event and walks around wet. I've tried the sticker rewards, taking her to the toilet every half hour or so which works (if i get her at the right time) but she still wees in her undies. I can only assume that the swimming pool incident was the catalyst, but i'm not sure. I am also 5 months pregnant so we've been talking about the baby too (unless that is the problem? who knows). I am at a loss as to what to do. I know she is still little but she has done so well these past 3 months that i don't really want to put her back in nappies. Especially because she is 100% trained with the poos. that is the only time she tells me to go to the toilet!!! What do i do. Do i persist with the toilet training and hope that she gets back on track or do i put her back in nappies or pullups for a while. I've been hearing different opinions and i'm just not sure. If anyone has had this (or similar) experience, i would appreciate some advise.
ta muchly.

Sandra, Vic

If you are becoming stressed to her wetting, she is probably picking up on this. It might not be such a bad thing to put her back into pullups for a little while, this will take the pressure off both of you and then when things calm down a bit, you could try again. Try not to associate her toilet training with the arival of the new baby as she may feel pressured by this.

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

Hi Sandra,

My daughter has done a bit of this!

Just recently weeing anywhere even seconds after i asked her to go to the toilet! She is 2 and 9 months and was great at first, but did a down hill slide!

Now i have expressed my dissappointment to her and now she say "no accidents mum"! So far it is working! wink


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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