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Potty trained but no undies? Lock Rss

Hello to some this is going to sound strange but I have to ask someone.
My son is two and 3 months and he is some what potty trained but I have hit a brick wall because he seems to be a nudest, yes thats right he hates clothes.
To explain and not sound like a crazy women, we live in qld and he was born in summer so from a new born he didnt wear much clothes and to add to the heat of things he is a very hot blooded little boy who sweats even when he is in pjs on cold nights and Im not saying cold sweats I mean he is boiling. In fact from little he didnt like blankets they made him to hot which meant no wrapping as a new born?!
But now we are potty training I cant get him to understan the concept the undies are just that and not a nappy and we all have to wear them, Ive treid numerous times to put them on even pull up nappies but he hates them either screams and screams and pulls them off of wets them over and over no matter how many times I change him or put the back on. Which means when we go out we put nappies on and he uses them instead of saying potty which he would if we were at home. Im not saying he is completly traineda s yes he sometimes gets a little lazy and distracted and has accidents but I cant seem to make him see that undies are good.
Has any one been through this or got some advice?
We dont have anyone around with young kids to help him along. I really want him to go into play group but are a little concerned of him undressing himself and what to do nappy or no nappy???
Help please.

Mummy to 3 Boys

Hi There
I don't know how much help I'll really be, but I thought of one or two things that might be useful.
Maybe you could take him to shopping for some special undies with his favourite character or superhero on them. I bought some Thomas the Tank Engine and Shrek undies for my son and he loves them.
On the playgroup front, I wouldn't worry about whether he does undress there. We are a part of a playgroup and a few of the kids have done a strip show or streak around the playground (including my own son), without any of the parents getting offended or concerned about it. You'll probably find that parents with kids the same age will be going through the same dilemmas and will understand.
I live in Queensland too, so understand the heat and humidity thing - my son never keeps his blankets on and wrapping him as a newborn was a pointless exercise as well. My son is now 2.5 and we have been toilet training him since Christmas (and like your situation, we still have the odd accident as well). During the summer, I tended to let him walk around the house and the back yard just in his underwear and he accepted that well.

Anyway, that's all I can think of now, so hopefully that might help and things look up for you soon....

James' Mum

One question??? Will he still wear shorts or outer clothing????

If so, whats the problem???
My son wore undies during training but soon after refused to wear them. As long as he wasn't showing himself to the world, I didn't care. When he started to go to Kindy though, I had to tell him that undies were part of the school uniform. He's nearly six now and wears undies to school (most of the time) and thats about it. Very rarely any other time.

As long as they are covered, then let them "freeball"!!!


Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

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