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how can i speed i tup? Lock Rss

hi, im now 37 and a bit weeks pregnant with my first. Can anyone suggest safe ways to make labour happen? my physio said sex, a bumpy drive and a hot curry are safe ways to self induce, anyone know any others? please!!
Enjoy your rest while you have it.....I mowed a one ache block on a ride on when I was 38 weeks, nothing happened. Sex, bumpy drive and hot curry sounds good to me...all you can do is try.

I took Rasberry Leaf Tables for the last 3 months, I think this made me labour go quicker, baby came out on her due date.

Get back to us and advised if anything worked.

Good Luck

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I don't think any thing works. Bub will come when ready.I had my first two weeks late and had to be induced, second 4 days early and my third on my due date. I tried lots of different things to no avail.
Let nature take its course.I know the last 2months drag and you get so sick of being uncomfortable but soon enough it is over and your kids just grow so fast. Hope you have a quick labour.
Im nto too sure on how to speed it up they reckon that hot baths, house work, sex all that work.

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Lots of walking worked for my second- and when things started i believe it was the walking that made him come so fast!! Good luck!
There are 2 other threads active at the moment asking the same thing. The reality is the only thing you can do is wait! I have 7 days left and thats all Im doing, even though I am going to ask for a stretch n sweep tomorrow.

The only safe way things will start is if its time or if you are medically induced.

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Only 37 weeks!?

... Have some pity on us that are further along and STILL WAITING!!!!! lol

You can try all the natural methods under the sun, however, the simply reality is that there is no way to speed things up unless your induced at the hospital.

Your baby will enter the world when it's ready - I know your probably really over being pregnant now, but you've done it for 37 weeks, what's another 3? (or 4!)


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