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Hello Everyone

I know everyone shows a different stages of there pregnancy I am currently 20 weeks and with my first pregnancy I was alot bigger!

This pregnancy I am not very big at all! the midwife did say to me at my last appointment that I was normal size for how far along I was at the time I think its just me being pregnant that makes me wonder if I should be bigger

I guess I should stop worrying I have been trying although its not easy!



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi there

Dont worry I wasnt big at all with my first until about 26weeks before you could tell . I didnt have to wear maternity clothes until about 32weeks plus.
mind you with this pregnancy I have showed 10weeks earlier than my first .
Just as long as your doctor tells you everythings ok I wouldn't worry to much you just have a little bubba
Hi Melly
For my prnancy I really didn't show until I was 24 weeks. My little man was born 7lb14oz happy and healthy.
As long as you and the bub are healthy it's all that matters.
everyone had told me that i was tiny yet like you said the midwive said i was the right size for the stage of pregnancy that i was at. although i was still wearing size 10 pants at 24weeks. my baby was born 3weeks early and weighed 4pound 8 so i guess i was small for a reason

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hey i'm due on 28/11/04
and i'm tiny i'm fairly slim usually and i was expecting to be huge. i gather i will have a small baby buy u never know.
Hey guys a bit of the 3 months and i've put on 11 kilos already...its not like im eating too much or unhealthy either mum thinks i look the same as she did when she was 6 months pregnant...and spider veins all over sad...woe is me lol
Hi Melissa,

Maybe you are having a girl this time. I am now pregnant with my 7th. I guessed what I was having before my ultrasound by the way that I was carrying. With my boys, I looked like I was about 6 mths when I was only about 3 months. With my girls it has been the opposite. My last baby was a girl and a lot of people didn't even realise I was pregnant when I was 30 weeks. I looked like I had put on some weight but I didn't have that real pregnant belly. Then in the last few weeks I just ballooned!

I am now 21 weeks pregnant and don't have anything resembling a pregnant belly. It's the same as my other girls. No belly but a lot wider rear end. LOL!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and don't worry, we'll probably be complaining in February (March for me) about how huge we are and can look back at this post and have a laugh.

Hey Melly,

I too have a tiny bump! I am 19 weeks and barely look pregnant!

With my previous 2 pregnancies I'd come home with my new bubs to shocked neighbours as they said they thought I still had at least 2-3 months left! I never look big anywhere but with my first I somewhere put on 22kg and with my second I somewhere put on 20kg, who knows where but I did!!

I didn't have small babies either as my first was 8lb 7.5oz and my second was 8lb 1.5oz! I have a boy and a girl but never carry different...I just get a feeling of what sex I am having and have been right with both so far!!

I find every pregnancy is different and you will look different with ever pregnancy so don't worry too much!! Just try relaz and enjoy your pergnancy as they never last long...although sometimes it feels like they do!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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