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My first grandchild is due on may 4th the mum will be is 39 weeks preg on wed april 27th and the scan shows the baby is only small but what do you define small I have had 3 children myself a girl 5lb 8oz born at 38 wks gestation and 2 boys the bubs dad born at 32 wks weighed 2lb 14 oz my youngest 36wks I dont really know what they deem small for a healthy pregnancy because as all mine were high risk pregnancies all the way through as I have high blood pressure so I was told that mine would be small. and from what her mum has told her she weighed 5lb 11oz and that she was 11 days over her due date can anyone give me some clues.
It doesn't go just by weight of the baby, but also the height. If it is a low risk and a healthy pregnancy your grandchild will be fine. It just means that the weight is lower compared to other babies, it does not mean that there will be something wrong with the child. I can only assume that a low weight baby would be something like 5lb area, especially if the pregancy has been a healthy one and the baby is doing fine.

Hope that helps you and puts your mind at ease

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