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Breasfeed or not Lock Rss

I am pregnant with my third baby and i am trying to decide if i will breasfeed it. I breastfed both my other kids but my second daughter didnt thrive and always seemed to be hungry. I was very stubborn and kept at it because alot of people were trying to tell me i didnt have enough milk. She also had an undiagnosed unrinary tract infection that could have accounted for her not gaining alot of weight. I still want to breast feed again but i dont want to have the troubles that i had with my second daughter. I also think if i formula fed my hubby could have more input and i wouldnt have to do everything myself. i am very pro breastfeeding and know all the benefits of it, but i just undecided this time around. Also i was left with absolutely no boobs at all after my last daughter and as this could be my last pregnancy i dont want to be left with as little as before. i had boobs just nothing left in them to give them shape, very depressing. anyway enough rambling, anyones oppinions or experiences on this would be great
I can only give you my opinion but I personally did not breastfeed my first at all and have no intentions of doing so this time around. I think Breast feeding may be the easier option in hospital but I loved bottle feeding my husband and I took turns during the night and when daddy came home from work he did the couple of feeds before bed which gave him some special time too. He was a difficult feeder at first and I loved knowing exactly how much he had and that it was consistently good quality. I understand the breast is best motto but I am very happy I bottle fed and my son has always been happy and healthy and absolutely thrived as a baby (3yrs now). If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them and good luck with your decision.
Hi Jazuli

I'm not overly pro or against breastfeeding - people can do what they need to do as far as I'm concerned. My only suggestion is that breastfeeding in the first few weeks is probably best for baby but its also conveinient as you have enough to worry about without fussing with bottles and stuff . Just a suggestion for those crazy early weeks and then perhaps decide after that. That way you can choose if your milk looks ok breastfeed - if not - don't. I was a pretty good cow so I feed for 5 months then I decided that I had had enough.

Do what ever you need to - its important that you are as happy and stress-free as possible. Your baby will be fine either way

Take Care

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

I bottle fed my son & breastfed my daughter for 10 months & both did really well I think the only person who can decide wether or not to breastfed is mum & bub if you & baby are both happy wityh breast then go for it if not then bottle feed you will know which is right for you when the time comes.
As for dad being involved in feeds my hubby got to do the breastfeedings as well he would sit on our bed & i would sit in front of him while he held baby & guided her to the breast it was an amazing feeling watching hubby & bubby become so close.
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