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help!!!am i a bad mum!! Lock Rss

hey evryone
im 19 and due to have a lil boy in a week if he wants to come on time(hopeing so much he does) he is my first and i dont have a partner anymore
the last few days i have been wondering what the hell am i doing i cant do this!!!i dont want to do this!!! dont get me wrong i love my boy more then anything even tho hes not quite here yet but hes all ready the most important thing to me is it normal to be feeling this way???
im not worried about the birth or anything so why would i be feeling like this???
can you help
thank you

lil man due 23 april

Hi Ana,

First things first, you are having perfectly NORMAL feelings about your impending birth. When I had my daughter at 19 (she's now 4 with a 2 1/2 yr old brother) I was scared and concerned about how I was going to cope. While I did have a partner he was useless so I was basically a single parent. I spent 1 week in hospital, the best thing I did as the midwives are really helpful and encouraging. If you plan to breastfeed then I recommend that you don't leave til you have it down pat. Some woman pick it up really easy but some don't. I ended up giving up after week 2 because i just couldn't master it.
When you hold your little boy in your arms for the first time you'll wonder what you were concerned about. smile

Do you have support around you? Thats something you really need too.
Lastly, your NOT a bad mum, how can you possible be bad when your not really a mum yet? Most things will come natural and the things that dont just ask for help with, no-one will think less of you for asking for help or advice. You will receive a huge amount of support in the forum. Goodluck, let us know how you go. I hope for your sake he comes early. smile
Don't worry, what you're feeling is perfectly normal. When I was pregnant there were so many times I thought I was doing the wrong thing. My bub's 12 weeks old now, and those few weeks after the birth there were still times I thought I'd done the wrong thing. There were times I wished I had my old life back. It also took me a little while to really bond with my daughter (though I always knew I loved her). The bad thing about this is that sometimes it is hard and sometimes we wish we could change it. But, trust me, there are certain happy moments that will just make you cry. One of the most important things is to have good support people, family or friends. If not, there's always plenty of people here to help you out. Wish you all the best of luck for your bub's birth!

Sam and Hayley and bub

I know exactly what you mean ana. My baby boy is 15weeks old now. I had only just turned 20 when I had him, but a few weeks leading up to his birth I started thinking about whether I still wanted him or not. Believe me all those feeling change when your baby is placed in your arms

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