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Hey eveyone

Well I was due on Wednesday and so far nothing has happened .Have been going for walks (ok then ......waddles) twice a day and been eating spicy food which gives me nothing but horrible heart burn . And my hubby is liking all the sex that I realy am not into .
Dont think I could stomach castor oil so will have to rule that one out
I havnt even had any Braxton HIcks contractions yet
Will I be pregnant forever ????????

Has anyone got any other tips ??????

Hope all the Easter Fairys land on your bellys and bring you good luck (cause they are no where near me at the moment)


Hi Frances!

You just have to wait it out sorry. You can keep trying all those things but chances are if bubs isn't ready then they won't come yet. The doc could always do an internal and a possible membrane sweep as this can help start labour.

I myself ended up being induced at 10 days over with the gel and was told that bubs certainly wasn't about to come out by herself.. Nothing had changed or happened or anything.

If possible try enjoy the time you have now and sleep lots! I know everyone always says sleep lots before you have the baby and you think yeh right it can't be that bad...but I tell you it is! (Unless your baby is going to be one of those perfect sleepers in which case I will be jealous)!

Anyway take care with it all and good luck! Soon enough you will have your beautiful child in your arms smile
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