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The Funniest Thing Happened Last Night Lock Rss

I couldn't wait to wake up this morning and share this info with you all!

My hubby goes to bed early (he does shift work so he's up early next morning and usually goes to bed before me)

I was lying on the couch resting watching tv and my hubby was saying goodnight to me, he gave me a kiss and then said "goodnight bubba" and kissed my belly. As he was kissing my belly, bubba gave him a whopping kick in the face!

Oh My God, i just had to share this with everyone. I think i laughed for about an hour afterwards, it was hilarious! First thing i thuoght was, "yep that's our baby alright"

My husband was in stitches too!!! WE just laughed so hard, and hubby kept saying "yep that's right kick daddy in the face"

What a moment to share...(i'm still laughing whilst typing this)

Has anyone got any funny stories to share?

(I know i don't know any of you presonally but i really wanted to share this with everyone in my situation) Honestly i'm so proud of little bubba and have a great connection and bond with him/her.

I konw it might sound werid cos bubba kicked daddy in the face ( it's not like he/she knew it was doing it, but what timing!)



First bubba due in August 06

My fiance has a tendency to say goodnight to my belly too, and my baby lso kicks him sometimes square in the mouth! i find it really funny too coz im having a girl and i always tell him that her and i are going to gang up on him when shes older, and already she's kicking him in the face! also the other night my tummy was against his back and he started snooring so i lovingly kicked him to shut him up and just as i did, my little princess woke up and kicked him in the back! i burst into laughter (at 3 am!) because it was like we were both telling him to shut up!
i understand your feling of having a great connection with Bub, coz i feel the same with my little girl!

jasmyn smile
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