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4D ultrasounds Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of having one of those 4D ultrasounds. I'm 22 weeks pregnant and wasn't able to see the sex of bubba at my 19 week scan, so i thought i might pay and get one of those 4D ones done.

They cost around the $250 mark but they give u a dvd of all the pictures and put it to music and stuff. Experts believe it is quite safe to have done. I guess it's more for entertainment value rather than for medical purposes, but at my 19 week scan they said everything looked fine and developing normally.

What do u all think?


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Congratulations on your pregnancy. It is such an exciting time waiting for your first baby to arrive. I had a 4D scan at 19 weeks by pure fluke. Where I have my ultrasounds performed had just bought a new 4D machine and the technicians had their training the week before. Because my medical scan went so well and was over before the alloted 30 minute appointment, the technician asked if she could practise using the 4D machine on me. Naturally I said yes but as we didn't want to know the sex she only did from the shoulders up. I have to say the it was amazing seeing the baby in a 4D scan. I think if you can afford it and want to do it why not? Also re safety - my ultrasounds are done at an IVF clinic so while I'm not an expert I'd be suprised if they would have the machines if they were not safe.

Enjoying meeting your little bub and let me know how you go!


i had a 4d ultrasound done with my first at about 34 weeks which is the latest you can have it done.
we also could not find out at the 18wk scan the sex of the bub and were dying to know.
it was the best thing to have done with the pictures and dvd our daughter looked exactly like she did when she came out and you can see them stretching and yawning really well it was so amazing and the quality was excellent.

the worst thing for us is we moved from NSW to WA since and i am trying to find if anywhere does it over here so i can have it done with my current pregnancy.

good luck i definatly thought it was worth the money. the place i went to they also let you choose the music to have playing in the background on the dvd

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