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Hi ladies i havea quick question.

I know that we all react different to the glucose drink that you have for the gestational diabetes test, but i am starting to worry tha i might have a problem this time.

I had my test on Wedensday at the hospital and i was fine afterwards, however when i woke up yesterday morning i was very weak and almost passed out at the bus stop while i took my daughter to day care. I felt like this all day and knew that I shouldn't have gone to uni but did. I unfortunely passed out during a class and obviously was sent home as I argued with everyone who wanted to call an ambulance.

I am still feeling this way today and have made an appointment at my doctors to see if everything is ok. My problem is this, while I had a reaction to the glucose drink this time I had no problems when I had the first test with my now 4 year old daughter. My diabetes test was fine and so was my sugar count, but has anyone ever had this reaction or should i start to worry?

I have not yet told my partner as by the time he got home last night I was fast asleep and he is still in bed at the moment.

little monkeys

I think its a really good idea to get to the doctor today and get things checked over. I haven't heard of this reaction to the glucose test and I'm wondering if it may be something else. I would have thought a reaction would happen a bit quicker and since your sugar count was ok then its not a raised sugar level. I'm sure the doctor will give you a thorough once over but make sure he/she checks your blood pressure as if this is high or low it can make you feel very strange. But go today - fainting in pregnancy should always be checked.

Let me know how it goes - and good luck.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

i had the same problem with the glucose test! i only had it yesterday, but after having it i was all spaced out and weak nad really feeling like it was going to come back up. i told the midwives at hte hopsital this and they said to lie down, so i did for an hour. then last night i had really bad tummy pains (not from the baby) like i was going to throw up, but i never get morning sickness so i think it was the drink. and i was too sick to even fall asleep. now today i week really weak but not tired, and keep getting tummy pains on and off. the nurse yesterday said i was probably not well yesterday due to fasting then drinking a really sweet drink and a mixture of hormones being all over the place but i think the just made it up.i dont know.

i dont think we should be too worried, everyone reacts differently.

good luck.

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