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Does anyone have any ideas for good baby shower games? I've done a search online but kinda was hoping for an indication from ppl who have actually played them as to which ones worked/ were more fun etc.

Plus, I was looking for ones that could mostly be played sitting own (no passing of balloons between knees or what not) so that my nanna can participate in all of them.

Ideas appreciated.
I used 4 newborn disposable nappies and melted four well known chocolate bars in them in the moro, then get your guest to guess what chocolate bars they are.

Also did a game for the men (if youre planning on having a co-ed baby shower), uptie their shoe laces (if they don't have shoelaces, use string to similate the use of shoe laces) they then put balloons (well sized blown up ones) up their tops, (of course the more well endowed tummy men should have a smaller balloon) and then they have to try and tie their shoelaces without moving or popping their balloons.

I also got a ball of string passed it round the room, the idea being that people cut a length of string that they think was the size of my tummy (at the widest point) at the time for growth of the baby. I then exited the room, re entered once everyone had a length of string, the closest length of string won...

Hope these help.

Hi I did one late last year and I searched for ages to find different games, it was hard but i got there.
One I did that your nana might be able to do is water breaking game.
I did this as my first game once everyone was there and seated, I had jelly babies in water that have been frozen, I used small plastic cup, I got them from the reject shop for 2 dolloars. You have to see who's water breaks first, they can do anything to make their water break expect eat it or put the cup into a hot drink, e.g coffee, they can warm their hands up and hold their baby, so who ever's water melts the first wins, that was just an easy game to start the day.
If I can remember more i'll let you know.

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Hi- at mine my cousin filled a glass jar with jelly babies and people had to guess who many jelly babies in the jar, another was the game a pp mentioned- pass around a ball of wool to see who can guess the diametre of your belly, and one I saw at another baby shower was a crossword type thing about my friend and her partner- where they met, where they got married, stuff like that.

Another thing that's lovely but is not really a game is for each person to write a message to the mum to be on a piece of paper to be stuck into a book after the shower.


i have just had my baby shower last weekend and it was soo great..

i'm not really into the corny baby shower games, but some are fun..

we put together a funny quiz with 20 questions relating to birth/labour/pregnancy etc...than we read the questions out to everyone sitting in a circle and it was like a game was pretty funny

also, we all sat in a circle and everyone had to give their best piece of advice for handling labour...that was really nice cos it gave me some good ideas..

lastly, i put together a nice scrapbook page and everyone wrote a nice message to bubba around the baby shower invitation in the middle..

hope you have a great baby shower

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