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34 week concerns Lock Rss

Hi all. Well we are at the 34 week mark and things have been great up until now. I was in hospital on the weekend with a few mild contractions. They managed to stop them with drugs for now, although the doc doesn't seem to think that we'll go full term. We also found out this bub is breech. Hopefully he'll turn before too long. Any suggestions on how to encourage this would be fantastic. Also any advise on prem bubs and the possibility of a c-section. Take care, Cheers
Hey there!
My bub was lying transverse at 32 we had to do some exercises to turn bub...The recommended ones for breech include lying on back with legs against wall - lifting bum off the ground - higher than shoulders...also pelvic rocking on all fours is good because the bub lies with back against your stomach...
My bub has turned... it's good news for me...looks like we are due around the same time because I am 36 weeks now.
Let me know how you go...

April, NT

Well some great news. We had an ECV at 37weeks. All went well and bub turned without any problems. We are now 38plus weeks and playing the waiting game. I feel so heavy with heaps of low down pressure. I hope it all happens real soon. Cheers
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