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hi all

i have really started to withdraw lately from my fiance an just dont want him to come near me or dont feel like going near him. He is getting extremely frustrated with me about it but i ust cant help it. i think about hugging him when he is at work and cant wait to see him but as soon as i do it all flies out the window.

we dont live together for the moment as we have had a few probs and are currently working though them, but i just cant get ova what has happened in the past and i just want to move on and us all to be happy.

i was just wondering if anyone feltthis wayor am i alone? is it hormones? i havent been feeling the best lately though because today is the day 1 of my very close male friends (who i was very much in love with but neva had the courage to tell him (long story)) hung himself 1yr ago and i am still finding i hard to cope.

please help sorry for the long pos but i am feeling at an all time low at the moment.


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hi manda

I'm sorry to hear that you feel low at the moment. I think it may be hormones though i can't say for sure. some nights i rush home from work to see my partner and then spend the rest of the night trying to get him to go out but as soon as he does I want him to come back. Then there are nights where he goes out and i don't want him to go. He doesn't know what to do.
Sorry to hear about what happened with your friend.

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hey manda,

i sorta know wat you are talking about. i only wanna cuddle or snuggle my man when i feel like it. if he comes near me when i'm not in the mood i tell him to rack off and of course he doesn't like it and then gets frustrated when i do wanna snuggle coz i didn't want to when he wanted to! i can't help it! i think it must be hormones... but i'm not sure.

i don't know wat the situation is with you and your fiance and i don't mean to be nosey but do you think the problems your having could have anything to do with this? just a thought...

i'm really sorry about your friend! i havn't lost a friend in the way you have but an old friend of mine lost a bf in the same way and it was understandably the worst time of her life. no-one knew why he done it and we will never know and i think that's the hardest thing about it.

i know we don't know each other very well but i would like to help in anyway i can so if you ever wanna chat and get stuff off your cheast, you've got my email address and i'm neva very far away.

hope you feel better soon

kobie xoxox

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