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Am I being unreasonable??? Lock Rss

Im just having a vent here but does anyone think im being unreasonable with wanting my MIL to be called nan ( nanny, grandma) or whatever????? this is her first grandchild and i just got a letter in the mail saying she dosnt want to be called the above names she wants to be known as just G.
I mean whats this (G ) Business??? i said to her if your not proud and happy enough to have your grand daughter call you what you are ( nan) then you dont deserve to be a grandparent my bub will just call you kathy ( her name) this has upset me quite alot sad but please tell me if im being unfair as i dont want to cause a fight between my partner and his mum!!!!

hi my mil didnt want to be called nan or anything close so she is now know as Enmar (eldest grandaughter couldnt say grandma) & my hubbys 95 year old grandmother is known as GG( great grandma) I think if you talk to your MIL you can both come to an arrangement that will suit you both... & hey good luck
I would say no I can understand where you are coming from I am not into wierd names. My mum is called Nanny and Hubbys mum is Grandma. Funny enough I don't like the name grandma but she is a pain in the butt and insists. She had three grandchildren before our first so a bit hard to change but atleast it is a pretty normal title. Anyway the funny thing is as much as she insists and corrects him my three year old insists on calling her nanny which makes me chuckle on the inside so maybe your little one will make up their own mind too. What does your partner think? If he stands you'll be fine, stick to your guns. Good Luck MIL's can be a pest.
OMG i know EXACTLY how your feeling.

My mum doesnt like the granny/nan thing... it makes her feel too "old". so you know what she wants to be called?? Dida!! i was like wtf?? dida???

i absolutly hate it! its too close to dada... but she just wont budge.

it will be some time before he learns to talk so hopefully she will change her mind by then.

i dont thinkyour being unreasonable. Its YOUR child. but at least she doesnt want to be called Dida!

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hey darl
NO you are NOT being unreasonable! Gee how rude and inconsiderate of MIL. My mum couldnt wait to be called Nonna (Grandma in italian) and my MIL loves to be called Nanna. I could never imagine calling my grandma anything but that! Dont stress too much darl, just let her be, she will realise what shes doing when her granddaughter isnt so close to her growing up. I reckon soon she'll beg to be called Nanna. She's just causing fuss, if its not this it'll be something else.... what clothes to dress your daughter in, should she have a christening, what to name her.... I got alot of these things from both my in-laws, but you have to stand your ground now, otherwise they want to control everything. If you really want your daughter to call her Nanna teach her to do just that... whats MIL gonna say to her granddaughter "dont call me that" lets see if she has the heart to look her in the eye and say that
Good Luck darl.... dont feel bad you've done nothing wrong gasp)
Lol i thought i was the only one that its happened to.
My husbands mother turned 40 the day befor the birth of our son and the day we told her that we were having a baby at about 10weeks she said she didn't wanna be a grandma or nan as she was to young (lol the funny this is that her bf was only 25 years old). My husband was 21 and i was 23 when we had our son, mind you we owned our own home and all but still was not good enough for her. So you know what we did to get back at her? She is only called Grandma and our son is now 4 and she has not seen/talked to him since he was about 1 and a half. Dont worry to much as some people just don't care what they say or do or how much they hurt you.

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You are not being unreasonable at all!!! I wanted my mother to be called Mormor (danish for mum's mum or grandma) but she didn't want it, as its only my dad that is danish. my dad is morfar (danish for mum's dad or grandad) so it works out well. I wanted to keep the little danish tradition going, but my mother wouldn't have a bar of it!

A friend of the family's children call their grandparents Ma (for the grandmother) and Mate (for the grandfather) its actually quite cute!

I've also read in a newspaper that a guy wanted to be called Dude instead of Grandad!! lol thats just strange.

Ultimately its up to what the grandkids end up calling the grandparents, they're the ones who have to say it!! lol

I still think it is mainly up to the child....
If a child has difficulty saying Grandma or Grandad, then they probably won't end up calling them that. When I was little I could never say it properly and I ended up calling my grandma Marcy (her name is marcia), and it has just stuck. You can push it all you want with a child, but if they dont want to call them Grandma (which, lets face it, can be hard for a 2yr old to say) then they will make up their own nicknames for them, which can be more personal anyway.

Im new to everything myself but when i told my mum about her being a Nanna she wasn't to happy. Dont get me wrong she loves the fact she will have a grand daughter soon but she felt she was to young to be could Nanna, as her Mum Nanny to all of us is still very much alive and kicking. So to fix this slight issue we have done some research. There are hundreds of options besides Nan. We have searched the web to discover Nan in many languages and hundreds of suggestions from other people. We decided on Bella, which simply means beatiful.

I hope this has helped a little....

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