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Hi all,

hoping there is a few riders out there, that rode during pregnancy. Wondering when you stopped?

I am 8 weeks, only riding once a week, my horse is good, but in the 2 years I have had him he has had "moments". last weekend when I rode, he did a big shy mid canter, I was find and stayed on, then there was a new orange plastic pipe just put in on the track, not covered yet, I saw it and though oh no here we go, he seemed fine, but as going over he jumped in the air abit going, all fine, I was fine, stayed on. but I worry that he may take me by surprise, he has been good for a long time, no silliness, but spring is coming and that green green grass, this could explain his behaviour.

so I want to know other opinions on when to stop, and when they stopped?
Hey hun,
I rode my horse my entire pregnancy with my daughter. I think only you can make that decision though. I 100% trusted my horse, it was rare he would shy away from anything and I kept our riding in the area and not trail rides to minimize the risk of him shying from something unusual. I would never get on a horse I didn't know though.
Use your judgment because at the end of the day you know your horse better than anyone else smile
Good luck and congrats on bubba smile
yeah, I trust him, but he is still learning a lot, he is 8 but a baby in so many ways, as he was only broken in just before I got him, so he is still learning about so much. Even though he is quiet and bombproof most of the time, he has had moments, some which have put me on the ground, but I haven't come off for over a year, he has been pretty good in the last year.

I don't think I could ride him right the way through. I think ill take it as it comes each week and see. some people say stop right now, others say until 16-20 weeks, others say I could ride all the way through if it was quiet walk rides ( which doesn't happen much with the girls I ride with, they get bored)
I think you really should get advice from your midwife or OB, they will be able to make the best recommendation for your given your personal pregnancy circumstances
A fall down a simple step can trigger a misscarriage let alone off a giant horse. If you really want this pregnancy, to be safe I would stop now. But that's just my opinion. It would be heartbreaking for somthing to happen to your precious bundle. Taking risks in pregnancy usually doesn't pay off. I was told by my doctor when I was pregnant with number 2 no contact sports or any sort of thrill seeking stuff, I guess horse riding could be characterised as thrill seeking. I have a four wheeler I love to ride but wasnt even game enough while pregnant in case I had an accident. It's just not worth it. In nine months you'll be able to safely ride without endangering your baby.

Yeh I know I shouldn't, Just in case something happens, my partner doesn't want me to continue for much longer, maybe till I am 12 weeks at the most.

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