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38 Weeks with a Flu Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I am 38 weeks and sit with a horrible flu. Worst is at night with a blocked nose and snoring so not getting much sleep and poor Hubbie need to go to work in the mornings tired.
Any advice will be great on what I can and can't take please???? Really want to get rid of this flu ASAP.

Poor you sad I was sick a few times during my pregnancy and I found the only thing that helped was a really good nasal spray. I used Otrivin at night (the all natural stuff didn't help at all and I figured sleep was important).

Poor you sad I'm 35 weeks and have just gotten over a similar flu. I had 2-3 vicks inhalations per day to help clear up my nose - with one just before I went to bed. Just a teaspoon of vicks in a bowl full on hot water and a towel over your head while you breathe in the vicks will do the trick. Also try sleeping propped up with a few more pillows, it will help you to breathe a little easier at night. My poor hubby resorted to sleeping in the spare room for a few nights. Apparently I sounded like a warthog breathing/bubbling underwater (TIM?! - his words not mine!).

I also had lemsip - my midwife said it was OK to take up to 3 lemsip or paracetamol per day. You can't take cold and flu tablets with decongestants in though - apparently they can raise your blood pressure in the third trimester.
hi, thank you for all the advice. What about strepsils, are they safe to take?
I used to put eucalyptus oil on my chest to hel decongest. Or i'd put some on a tissue inside my pillow case.

I don't know about strepsils, but you could try gurgling with salt (i know not the instant relief) and there is always honey or lemon tea (or you could do honey and lemon tea).

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