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Shortness of Breath Lock Rss

This is my first pregnancy and I'm now 26 weeks. I've noticed in the last few weeks I'm getting very short of breath for no reason. Before becoming pregnant I was extremely active but morning sickness knocked me about quite a bit so my exercise has dropped off somewhat. It's not only when I'm out walking or such but just doing nothing! Does anyone else have this, is it normal? Being my first bub it's hard to tell what's normal and what's not in the pregnancy. Just thought I'd ask before I head to the doctors.


This is my 3rd pregnancy and i have had shortness of breath with all of them, like u i am reasonably fit so i thought that there must be something major wrong but apparently its caused by the extra blood flowing around our body which is making our heart work harder hence the breathlessness. It hit me this time around about 14 weeks....

Take care hope this has eased your mind a bit....

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