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I am infertile.I can not born baby.I will tell you about my story.
My husband and I married young. And both of us are child loving so we decided to conceive baby soon after marriage. But we hadn't any idea what's gonna happen to us, one day i was on the way home. Suddenly a loaded truck came and hit me terribly. Physically i survived, but when doctor revealed that my womb affected very badly. It was a tragedy for us. was screaming in hospital .Not being able to get pregnant is very frustrating and alarming for me because I always assumed get married and have kids. But my infertility broke me internally. I'm feeling like isolated because of my infertility.
I choose surrogacy to born baby.This is the best and simple way to born baby for infertile people.Now we have baby through surrogacy.
Hi, lovelies! So called “good fats” are already known to protect the heart, lower inflammation in the body and improve fertility. So eat plenty of foods rich in monounsaturated fats such as avocados, nuts and seeds, sunflower oil and olive oil. Along with improving fertility they are also much needed for the development of the foetus. Stress is known to adversely affect health and negatively impact your reproductive system. you need to find time every day to de-stress to improve your success. You can start with meditation or listening to soothing music each day. Meditation and mindfulness involving gentle breathing techniques can greatly reduce stress and allow your body to function normally. They also curb thoughts of worry and lower your anxiety so you can feel calm and relaxed. Your mental well being significantly affects your health and chances of conception.Get help from a counsellor on taking care of yourself emotionally as you go through feelings of hope, fear, excitement and even terror. Have your spouse, close friends or family to support you.While it is essential to maintain good health through exercise, strenuous exercise can reduce fertility levels in women and decrease their rates of conception. Heavy exercise is also twice as likely to cause implantation failure. Also taking good care of your physical and emotional well being can boost your chances of a successful pregnancy. Hope this helps. Babydust to all!
Thanks for sharing those tips, ladies! And what about tips on how to stay beautiful during pregnant? I really care about my look and I think it was the second hardest part smile No cosmetics, no chemical remedies, nothing at all... But my husband said I looked beautiful when I was pregnant smile Well, at least I've found a tip here on how to straighten my hair without chemicals:
Opinions? What cosmetics and other ladies' stuff you used while being pregnant?
Thanks all for the great tips! I would definitely reccomend acupuncture through pregnancy to help with pain and symptoms such as morning sickness.
Acupuncture is also great at helping to prepare for birth and get the body nice and relaxed before labour.
Making sure you have a good birth plan is great too, and that your support partner is fully across it!
Check out more about pregnancy acupuncture here:
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