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I'm about to join the 2 under 2 club!!! Lock Rss

Hi Michelle,

I'm about 9 weeks away from joining the 2 under 2 club as well. Congrats on your news, I hope everything goes well. Where abouts in QLD are you.

My first was a boy who is 17months now, i fell preggers when he was 11 months, so there will be a 20 month gap between the two, which i think is just nice. I grew up in a family of six kids and the closest age gap i have is three years. I'm not as close to my siblings as i would like to be and that's why we decided to have number two closer.

I've just put my son into a big bed at the start of January, he took to it really well. But instead of buying an ensemble or slat base bed, we got him a car bed. It was the best decision we've made,. He can't fall out because the sides are there right to the end of the bed and if he wants to get out he climbs down to the bottom and he's only a couple of inches off the floor. they have quite a few nice girls designs like butterflies and fairies in that type of bed as well now. Harvey Norman and places like that have them.

I put him into the booster seat about two weeks ago now because i didn't want him climbing out to see the baby. i thought if he was used to it then it wouldn't be such a novelty when the baby came. same with the bed.

Isn't the heat here unbearable at the moment? I'm just about dying. the baby is still head up even though I'm 31 weeks and is quite happy to be there. I'd pay for some relief on my back at the moment.

See ya
Hi Micaela,

Lovely to hear from you. Wow, you are so close now to the stage I am looking forward to. I've just passed to 12 weeks mark with my 2nd pregnancy and am feeling really good.

I've got the next 6 months to get my daughter into a booster seat, hopefully into a bed, and used to the idea of a new baby. I talk to my daughter all the time and say stuff like there is a new baby in mum's tummy so you have to be gentle and I show her how to rub or pat my tummy gentley. I am keeping her involved and even though she doesn't understand the experience will be pleasant for her. She is 13 months old and surprisingly bright.

Well, I'm not sure about where you are, but the weather has cooled somewhat and it has been raining cats and dogs. I am not really all that far from you as I live in Toowoomba.

Hope all goes well for you in the final stages of your pregnancy. Take care, Michelle
Hi Mishka,

I am great, just past the 12 week mark now and so happy that the first trimester is over! The morning sickness is fading fast too. And I am just starting to showwith my little round belly at the front of me for all the world to see.

WOO HOO smile

Just to answer a few of your questions...

Yes I did breastfeed my daughter for the first 6 months, after that I put her on formula because she just demanded so much from me and I couldn't provide enough.

Yes I plan to breastfeed baby bean, hopefully for a minimum of 6 months.

I have found that formula is a rather expensive supplement to breast feeding too. My daughter now 13 months drinks cows milk and S26 toddler supplement. I get on average 2 weeks from a tin.

Any news from your end of things? Jack sounds like a delight and it wonderful that you are having so much fun.

I have to get going, look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Maddychelle,
How gorgeous that your starting to show! Are you finding it hard to pick up your daughter yet?
No luck just yet... I did a test today.
Jackson is pulling himself up now to standing now.
He will walk when you hold his hands. He can throw a ball back to me. He can stack his rings up in the right order most of the time. Im still trying to get him to put the shapes in the shapeo. He has done it a few times. He can clap his hands and blow me kisses.
What does Madeleine like to do for fun? What is she up to?
I would love to swap E-mail addresses as sometimes our posts are quite long.
Take care, Michelle.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03


Sorry for the big delay in replies.

If you would like to chat more one on one my e-mail address is

I would love to hear from you soon.


P.S. 14 weeks pregnant now and starting to get tugging and twinging sensations when I pick up my daughter almost 14 months old.
Hi Maddychelle,
Sorry I havent been able to reply to you in a while.
I hope you are feeling well. I have good and bad news. The good news is we are going on a holiday to England for christmas this year. I hope it will be white! We will be going for the whole month of December. So I am very excited. But unfortunately I could not cope taking a almost 2 yr old and a new born so we have to delay our plans to get pregnant untill our holiday or when we get back. I dont want to travell when Im pregnant. So I wont be joining you in the 2 under 2 club just yet. Its actually weird because we tried for a couple of months and nothing happened! This is why I havent been on this web site because it makes me too clucky!!! But I would still love to hear from you. my address is
Take care and hope to hear from you soon!!!!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

congratz on the pregnancy maddychelle

i just wanted to tell u that one of my old work friends had 6 miscarrages and 1 eptopic pregnancy all b4 her 1st full term prgnancy
she hasnt had any other probs and now she has 3 happy healthy boys

we all came to the conclusion that she couldnt carry a feamle baby, thats what we all think anyway
how true it is though we have no idea, but it makes sense smile all the best . let nature take its coarse.

put ur feet up while u can

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Chelby,

After my 2 miscarriages we thought I might not be able to carry boys... but now I am pregnant with number 2 and we don't know the sex yet we will just have to wait and see... 1st March is my next scan, hope to find out the sex then.

thtas easy! my oldest was 3 days off 2.5 when i had no3

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi vkw,

That's impressive...

How do you manage with 3 under 3? I'd love to hear more... My daughter will be 19 months old when my next baby is born in July.

Maddychelle smile
Hi Ladies
Congrats on your pregnancies!! I cant wait to have more babies but my little boy is only 5 months so I will have to wait a while!
I just wanted to mention about maternity bras...i got a pretty green one from target but it offers absolutely no support whatso ever so I definatley suggest sticking to berlei, elle macpherson etc..
Elle Macpherson makes a style that comes in lilac, green (i think) and pink...not as good as some others i have though.
Seems the really comfy great bras are also the most boring ugly ones....
Good luck to every and your growing babies!!

I so know what you mean... nice maternity bras are so hard to find. But not only do I want a nice one, it has to supportive and comfortable too. You would think with all the women in the world having babies SOMEBODY would come up with a decent maternity bra!!!

I'll keep on searchng...
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