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We need a good OB on the Gold Cost!!!! Lock Rss

Hi I have moved to the Gold Coast from Perth and we are thinking of trying for our second child and was wondering if anyone can recommend a Private Hospital & Dr to deliver the baby. I don't have anyone here that I can ask for recommendations. We would appreciate any help on this as I don't want our local GP to refer me to just anyone as I had a really bad birth with my first child so I really want a good dr to watch over this pregnancy and delivery. Hope you can help.


Amy, QLD, 4yr old & baby-14/12/08

Hi Amy,

I thoroughly recommend John Flynn Hospital in Tugun. I actually work there also (so I am biased). I live an hour away and still went there to deliver our baby. Unfortuantely my OB will not take on any new patients (unless they're going through IVF). There are 3 Drs accepting new patients. Dr's Dutt and Doolbah have been there a while and I've heard nice things. Dr Truman is new(ish) and I will choose to see him next time (he has also worked in patnership with my old Dr and he has good feedback).

The hospital is lovely. Specialise in waterbirths. All rooms are suites, with double beds, bar fridges etc. Unless if you have a C section, then its standard hospital bed.

There are 3 birth suites. 2 overlook the ocean and the one I had overlooks big fountain and has massive birth pool!

Hope this helps.


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