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TTC Jan 2017 Rss

Hi there

Not Sure if January 2017 forum was started or not, But here it is anyway.

Last month my af came 2 days early, for some reason which made my LP short, Is there any food I could eat to lengthen it, as vitex,b6, b complex, multi vitamins don't work for me.
Hi there im on cycle 2 of ttc. Day 6. I think i ovulate ater than the standard so going to test using ov tests this month. I had a 33day cyle last month, a wee bit irregular at the mo. I was on the pill and have been off it for about 4 months so should be becoming regular soon i hope. Tracking using an app which is helpful also. Sorry i cant help with food suggestions. All the best for you x
Hi ladies,
Wow huggies forum is so quiet compared to when I had my first two!
I am TTC our 3rd child (have a 5.5yo and a 2.5yo) so trying for one more to finish our family.
Jan is cycle 1 for me, and am currently on CD11. Have started testing using OPK strips and will wait for the pos - who knows when with my strange cycle.

trying4no1 - do you know roughly how long your LP is?
My LP is usually 13 or 14 dpo with cycles ranging from 28-31days
Hows everyone getting on so far this month? smile
Hey sydandme,
CD15 for me today, still no positive opk but some ov pain. I'm kind of ignoring the opks just in case they are wrong and bd'ing every day or second day...
how are you going?
I am 25 years old, and my partner 26. We have been together for over 7 years, and have been trying to conceive for the past 2. We've experienced difficulties - no medical reason, at the moment it just appears that we're mis-timing, every single month! The Dr also picked up a slight abnormality in my tests but said its nothing to be concerned about, and could possibly relate to a previous case of PCOS. (I used to be 30+KG overweight but have since lost the weight) I have just finished my first cycle of clomid, I am trying to keep really positive about the process! Day 6 of cycle today and have some mild cramping/ bloating/ headaches from clomid! I'm posting in this forum just to chat with some ladies who are in the same boat as me smile
Wish us luck!
Hi rubyshoes91. Firstly - some effort on losing that weight. I think I need to as well, I think that may help me conceive. When I conceived DD2 I had just lost a lot of weight, I think that helped.

Is this your first cycle using clomid? I've heard lots of success stories about it, fingers crossed that's the case for you.

I'm still waiting for a positive opk test - cycle day 16... I think it's going to be soon, in the next day or 2 though. I hope!
Thanks for a response MrsGJunior!

Yes first cycle of clomid so trying not to get my hopes up, but also feeling positive as neither of us have been diagnosed with any real medical barrier to fall pregnant, so hoping clomid is just the little helping hand we need. =)
I have a blood test scheduled on Day 21 to check progesterone levels to ensure I've ovulated!
Wishing you all the best!
Hi all. I've posted on the other TTC boards but think I should introduce myself. smile

I'm 25. Hubby is 28. Married for 2 years. Together for 9. and we are on our 8th month TTC baby #1.

Currently on 8dpo. Hubby had his sperm tested this month and unfortunately it has come back with a few problems (likely from his chemotherapy treatment) so we have a lower than normal chance of conceiving.

Baby dust to everyone TTC this month! I really hope you all get a BFP! smile
Thanks Rubyshoes - all the best to you too, hopefully this will be a positive month for all of us and hopefully we can all keep chatting as the month progresses.

Hi buttercup! Have your doctors suggested anything to help with the problems found in the tests?

I finally have a positive ovulation strip today - CD17 which means ovulation will prob happen sometime soon - tomorroow (CD18) which probably means I will either have a longish cycle, or a short LP. Will be interesting to see which.
Hi ladies,

Welcome Ruby. Hope this is your month with the help of clomid! Fingers crossed. What an awesome achievement with the weightloss too. Go you.

Buttercup all the best to you. What is the next step for you?

MrsG eeek exciting to have that positive opk. Fingers and toes crossed. Do you use an app to log everything or just write it down.?

Im on cycle day 13. Have been using the opks for last 3 days. Started early as i havent used them before and wasnt wanting to miss O. My app predicts O on tuesday so bding every second day until just before then and then keeping an eye on opk and will go from there. Im worried i wont get a positive opk as ive never used them before and the test and control lines arent too much different to each other i guess it will be as dark as the control line. Nervous first timer lol.


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