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TTC - how long? Lock Rss

Hi ladies!

Husband and I have been trying for 8 months and still not pregnant...I'm feeling very low as it took us 4 months with our first and I honestly thought it would be easier second time round!

How long did it take you? I know this is all normal but it's starting to consume me again and tbh I'm also sick of having sex! Which is one of the key factors to getting pregnant so quite important hehe

I feel very alone as none of my friends took this long and I feel like a failure talking with them about it so have shut that talk down and pretend I don't care when it's all I think about
Hi there smile

It took me 10 months with Miss 5, and I'm currently on cycle 7 now we're trying again. I feel your pain with feeling let down etc. I get frustrated and consumed with the whole TTC and feel it can take the zest out of our sex lives...

I tried to step back this month and not chart anything, while I've stopped "symptom spotting" so much, I still checked for ovulation and noted down the times we did the deed lol.

Sadly you're not alone xxx these boards are good for support!! Come and join a "TTC thread" if you haven't already, it can help for the times you need to vent etc smile
I fell pregnant straight away with only one attempt with my first (was very lucky).

This time around it's taking longer. We started trying 18 months ago. I did fall pregnant half way
through that time but lost it at 10 weeks. We have just started IVF now so hopefully I'll be pregnant in
the next couple of months.

It took me 2 years with my first and I am up to our 8 month and still nothing. It is hard and depressing, but I keep on going and picking myself up. I have to, otherwise I would lose my sanity and my life.

Baby dust to all
You may find it helpful to join one of our monthly Trying to Conceive threads like this one:

There are also some great tips in our How to Increase Your Fertility section:

Good Luck!
It took us 18 months to concieve our second. We had just begun fertility testing late last year, was advised for my hubby to take Menevit for 3 months to improve sperm quality (its not just about the women's health rememeber!) and for me to be taking Folic Acid. we did that for 2 months and in January I got a positive result on my pregnancy test smile

Don't lose hope. baby making is not always as easy and you think it will be! Our first one was an happy accident (i was on the pill), so we never dreamed it would be difficult the second time around.
Dear Mugglewump,
Its extremely normal. 8 months is really not the uncommon period. You must be highly optimistic to get conceived. I think you must change the way you are dealing with your aspirations. If you feel low, take medical advice and do basic check ups, start supplementing if needed, be live, enthusiastic and ready to get conceived. Keep the spirit up during pregnancy also. Good luck.
It's taking me nearly 5yrs..try reduce pressure wherever you can. Even family need to be put in the back burner sometimes! Stay healthy and try include pleasure everyday so it doesn't take over life. I wish you success this month xxx
Dear Mugglewump, have you thought about meditating & visualisation? It may not be what you want to hear, but you may have heard the famous saying that "what the mind can conceive, it can achieve". The brain is not able to truly differentiate what is real and what is imagination. This might sound nuts to you, but if you learn to regularly imagine that you have your baby, your brain will believe it and it "may" just help your body to make it happen. Conversely, if you constantly focus / remember that you are not getting pregnant, your brain may manifest that reality .. it is also called that Law of Attraction.. please look into it.

I was TTC for 2y+ and got so desperate I tried *everything* before I was going to do IVF. After 18months DH and I started meditating together (we did guided mindfulness meditations 20min per day) and apart from reducing anxiety and bringing us closer together we eventually got the BFP. So dont despair. Live clean, happy, glass-half-full, learn to appreciate and focus on what you have, not what you dont have. Baby dust to you! wub
Hey there, My first child took that one month and barely any sex. Very young, fitness fanatic. I think that played a massive role in my sons conception. This time however, we have been trying to conceive for five months and are waiting on results.

Hopefully soon you will conceive. Good luck.
Took us 6 months with my first 2nd was a surprise 3rd 6 months 4th ttc for nearly 7 months now
Have you tried the ovulation tests that are done just like a pregnancy test? You can get them relatively cheap online. Try not to be disheartened so many things can affect fertility, next time could be it!! After 12m you can see a fertility specialist and both be checked out if you want to.
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