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Pregnancy after ceaser....... Lock Rss

I have two darling children, a 2yr old girl delivered vaginally and a 7mth old boy delivered by emergancy ceaser. I think that my husband and I are expecting baby #3 ( not confirmed as yet no test done etc,) and I was wondering if anybody out there has fallen pregnant so early after having a ceaser? If so, what was it like, were there any complications?? I breastfed baby #2 for 6 months and still await the arrival of my first period after giving birth.
I am rather nervous as if we are expecting, this was not planned, but saying that we would be more than happy to have another little gem in our family. Yeh, I know, 3 under 3........


Hi, i had an emergency c/s for my second twin, and i fell pregnant again (planned) 4 months after. I researched it all very thoroughly, and my ob said three months wait was the minimum. I'm now 24 weeks, and have had no complications at all relating to the c/s and scar. The gap shouldn't affect your ability to deliver vaginally if you want to. If you want to ask anything more specific feel free!

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I had a ceaser in december 2004 and i am currently 29 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. So there is only about 6 months between being pregnant and the only problem i ever have is a few pains around the scar but nothing to's not like they are unbearable. I find that there is nothing to serious to worry about....

Emma 19, Bailey Matthew 16/02/2006

I think it must depend on your specific hospital/doctor etc, as I have a friend who's 2nd c-section was within 12mths of the first and she had no option but to have a 2nd c-section? But I guess it depends on your body and how they think it will cope etc. I had an emergency c-section with our first and am opting to have an elective c-section on 1st Feb 06 to deliver bub #2. They say that 2yrs is perfect, so my pregnancy has been great.

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