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Has anyone gone through their pregnancy with pre eclampsia and had other pregnancies that were fine. Idelivered my first baby 4 weeks early due to very high blood pressure, she was small and was in the nicu for other problems as well.She is now 13 months old and we are starting to want another one but the pre eclampsia problem worries me a little. I hope someone has had a similar experience.
i was induced with my first girl at 39 weeks due to pre eclampsia... i had another girl dec 02 and she was induced at 39.6 weeks due to indications pointing to pre eclampsia.. high blood pressure, spots before my eyes, pains in the kidney region. i was told this is highly unlikely to happen in a 2nd pregnancy so try not to worry as they will monitor you closely and keep you informed. good luck!

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

I was 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, when they decided to do an emergency caesarean, because I was diagnosed with having pre- eclampsia. They did blood test on me twice daily as my kidneys were showing signs of stress, & double protein, dizziness, & very high blood pressure. What made them take my son out was he was also showing signs of stress inside me. I am now a mother of two & my second pregnancy was no probs, I did towards the end start to have raised blood pressure & headaches but that was like wk 39 & I had a 2nd caesarean for my daughter, but she came on her due date which took me to 40 wks exactly.
don't worry too much as they generally say it's most common in 1st time mothers but they will definately keep a clost eye on you all the way through.
hello my name is sarah i had pre eclampsia in my first pergnany i had it very bad i was induced at 39 weeks i was in labour for 10 hrs but ended up with a emergency csection i have had another baby since then and it was perfect the doctor said if it is to the same partner it is unlikey to have it again
I am in the same situation as montanna and would also love to hear from other mothers who have had second, third etc. pregnancys after suffering from pre eclampsia. My daughter was also delivered 4 weeks early by emergency cesearean and although she had no problems, my blood pressure continued to rise after delivery making me very unwell. We are now planning for our second child and have been told it is very rare for the condition to return.

Lou,Qld,18month old

I had pre eclampsia with my first pregnancy, but that was with twins. I had an emergancy c section 5 weeks early. My second and third pregnancies were fine. No problems at all. My first and second pregnancies were to my first husband and my third pregnancy was to my fiance.
My daughter had to be induced at 39 weeks due to high BP. It didn't go away until she was 3 months old, and I was gradually weaned off medication under my GP's watchful eye. I was in hospital for a week after my daughter was born and I nearly went crazy as I just wanted to go home. I am now 33 weeks' pregnant with my 2nd baby and have had high BP since 16 weeks (I have been on medication since then). This doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get it again in another pregnancy as everyone's different, however it's highly likely that your doctor/obstetrician/hospital will be keeping a very close eye on you because of your previous high BP, so relax and take care. Good luck with your next pregnancy!!!! smile

Angela, NSW

hey all....
i had my daughter 14 weeks eary due to serve pre eclampisa..... she is now 33 1/2 weeks ges, and 7/1/2 weeks old....and doing a long road ahead of us through, cant wait to get her home...

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hey guys,
I had pe with my DS and am now pregnant with number 2. I'm only 6 weeks so it's been on my mind too. From what I've heard if you've had mild pe before it's not likely to get it again but if you've had severe pe then you could get it again. Not sure how accurate this is because so many people say different things!! I was induced at 37 and a half weeks as I had protein in my urine borderline high bp and swelling. Also I think my kidneys were suffering so it's quite scary. Ive got my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed that all goes well with this pregnancy and with all of your pregnancies. Would love to experience a natural labour this time if possible as being induced is crazy! I went from 3cm to 9 cm in half an hour. Total delivery time from start to finish was an hour and a half!!! Way too fast for my body to register what was going on!!!

Good luck everyone and hopefully some more people post with positive stories smile


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