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Pregnant after Ectopic. Lock Rss

Hi there. Im new to this site, but thought I may find some support here :0) I had an ectopic pregnancy aswell as a normal one back in november. Basiclly I lost twins. I have just found out that Im pregnant again and Im quite nervous about it. Im going to my GP tomorrow to organize my scan. Im to have blood tests every second day to monotor my hcg levels, and a scan at 4 1/2 weeks to rule out another ectopic. Every time I get a little niggle of aching, (just the usual early pregnancy aches), I freeze and all the memories of what I went through with my ectopic come flooding back to me. Is there anyone who has been through an ectopic and then gone on to have another healthy pregnancy?? Thanks for letting me rant on about it. Helps quite a lot :0)

Hannah, New Zealand, Mum to Breanna 8, Bailey 6, B

Don't worry Hannah. Once your normal pregnancy starts and in the beginning like after 12/13 weeks you have an ultrasound done which will rule out any ectopic pregnancy.

But you will have to keep in touch with your doctor; and ask the doctor how early is it possible to organize an ultrasound which can tell the position of the feteus.

I had the same problem and now I am laso pregnant. It is my last trimester. In the beginning I was also very afraid.
My friend after ectopic pregnancy had two normal beautiful baby boys.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.
Hi. I had a scan at the beginning of the week. It was inconclusive :0( BUT, my hcg levels have done the right thing and doubled!! Yay. Im booked for another scan in a week, I will be 6 1/2 weeks when I have that one. Im feeling very positive because of my hormone levels. Last time they did not get over 1800, but they are 3801 today and right on track with my dates.

Hannah, New Zealand, Mum to Breanna 8, Bailey 6, B

Hi there
I had an ectopic pregnancy about 2 years ago and i lost my right tube. I fell pregnant again last may and gave birth to a beautiful girl 10 weeks ago.
I thought i would have a lot of trouble concieving, but the first time we "werent careful" i fell pregnant.
I know you have a higher chance (as do i) of falling pregnant with an ectopic again. but i think it would be oretty rare for it to happen more than once.
Goodluck, let me know how everything is
I have just had an ectopic pregnancy. 8 weeks ago. I would like to start trying again soon. I am so pleased to hear that you got pregnant again. I lost my tube, could i ask if that was your situation also
hi there i had a ectopic 3years ago and lost my right tube,but fell pregnant sraight after that with my little girl wich was stillborn at 40 weeks, hard thing to forget. when you said you lost twins how far were you. i have a little girl now she is 18months old and very beautiful. my problem in pregnancies is my blood type rh negative and i have antibodies, anyone else have these problems, would like to hear your story. getting back to you im sure you will be fine. keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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