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Hey there! I hope that you're doing good. I'm here to discuss cesarean sections. A C-sec typically takes 45 mins to an hour. It may be done with a spinal block. The women are under a general anesthetic. They also take typically longer to heal. About six weeks. The international healthcare communities have previously considered the rate of 10-15 % to be ideal of a c sec. The risk of death from a c sec is 13 per 100,000. It is also associated with incisional hernias and wound infections. Mothers can experience depression. They can experience significant psychological trauma. Women who had a c sec for any reason are less likely to get pregnant again. They are more likely to have problems with their second births. I hope that this adds to your information. I would love to read your views about it. Best of luck to all the women going through this. Much love.
Wow Arlean, only talk about the risky side of things.

I had a c-section on January 9th, elective for anxiety/panic attack reasons.

The day before my C, I was a complete bundle of nerves. I scrubbed the entire house (at least three times over) sorted out my daughters room again and again. Re-packed my hospital bag and made sure there were enough per-cooked meals for my other half.
That night either of us couldn't sleep. Come four am, I gave up on sleep and made my partner coffee. I was fasting. What did I do? Nothing. I walked around the house like a headless chicken. Come 5:30am, we left for the hospital. I had been told to arrive at 6am.
In the maternity ward, I was asked questions, fatal heart beat and my blood pursue were checked. I was then asked to change into a hospital gown. Lovely backless thing...
A pair of tight white compression stockings were then put on my legs and I was taken to my room. There I hooked up to an IV drip and waited until the theatre team were ready for about half an hour. I was wheeled down to the theatre ward, asked to sign a blood transfusion form (in case I needed blood) Kain, my other half, was taken away and changed into scrubs. Booties and hair net all, much to his disgust.
I was then walked into the operating room. Light music was playing in the back ground, everybody was cheery and so very kind.
From there, I hooked up to a heart-rate monitor; I was given a pillow to put across my belly as I leaned forward for the spinal needed to be placed. Something I was told hurt very much. However, I hardly felt a single prick.
This is when things became quite weird.
My bum started to tingle and felt as though it were filled with water. I was swiftly laid down, a cube of ice was ran from my foot up, until I said when I could feel the cold. I felt nothing until the ice reached just under my breast. A very good sign. The epidural had worked first go.
A green curtain was raised, Kain came into the room and sat by my head. And everything began!
A strange feeling of pressure was felt around my belly; but no pain. I'm not sure how long it took, as I was in a complete daze of wonder and fear. Before I knew it, there was a sharp little scream, the curtain was lowered and this strange chubby purple baby was lifted into view.
Kain cut the cord, I was stitched back up and wheeled into recovery where my new daughter received her needles and was placed upon my breast. At this point there was still no feeling, no pain, just... an entanglement of fear and sheer joy. We stayed in recovery for about an hour, my bleeding and blood pressure were checked every fifteen minutes.
Then I was taken back to my room in the maternity ward.
From here, I was checked every half an hour. The feeling slowly returned to my legs over the next couple of hours. I didn't get out of bed until the next morning as I had become nauseous from the epidural. My baby girl was perfect, I had come though it all perfectly textbook.

It's been almost six weeks since my c-section, and I can't lie; the pain which followed did hurt. I remained in hospital for three days on a constant round of pain killers. I walked like a little old lady, pretty much just shuffling around.
After returning home, things became better. Each day the pain lessoned, and by one week after the birth I wasn't taking anything for the pain. Today, my scar looks like a red pen line. Hardly noticeable with no pain. There is however, a teeth churning feeling every time I touch the area just about the scar. I'm told this will fade over time.

There is a lot of stigma around those whom have a c-section. Mostly those who choose too, and sometimes even the women who need one for live saving reasons.
I did not have my baby 'naturally' but I did enjoy it, and will have my second child via a C-section. Of course there are risks, but simply falling pregnant can be a great risk.
My daughter Riley is happy, healthy and thriving.

Oh an Arlean, I call bull to your little fact about it being harder to conceive a second child. As long as you listen to the doctors and take the first six weeks of healing at a gentle pace, there is no risk to a second time around. Hell, one of the midwives I talked to had had ten children via a C-section. Having a natural birth comes with many risks also. Both ways do. So long as the mother is safe, either way should be considered as natural. After all, you get a baby in the end. What does it matter which way they exited by.
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