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Elective c section frowned upon. Lock Rss

I'm having so many problems trying to get a GP to support me and help my choice of an elective C Section. Does anyone know a good GP in Sydney, inner west or an obstetrician that will do an elective for a public patient?
Yes it is.
Hi. I too want an elective c section. I am in wa. It is also difficult to go through the public system to get one here. I am going private with an obstetrician I chose that has a very good reputation for good c sections.
I have faced a lot of criticism for my choice however funnily enough majority who have criticised have not had one and can only tell horror stories of bad labours that resulted in emergency c section. I have spoken to many medical professionals - theatre nurse specialising in gynaecology , gynaelogical surgeons, nurses, obstetricians and all have advised me that in this day and age it can be a lot less risk, stress to baby etc than vaginal delivery not to mention damage to ur bits that sometimes isn't felt for years. I have heard many more bad stories of vaginal than elective c section. It can take longer to heal yes but everyone I know was up and doing most things within 2/3 weeks which can be quicker than healing a tear

Do what u feel comfortable with but do not make ur choice unless u are fully aware of all pros and cons.

It is each individuals personal decision. If this is what u want and u r well informed then fight for it.
It's not easy to find a public doctor who will allow an elective c section for a first time mother. It comes with certain risks to both mother and baby, costs more for the hospital (due to surgery and longer stay) and impacts on future pregnancy management. That said, I have known people to have elective c sections for mental health reasons - one lady I knew had one due to a history of extreme depression and anxiety and she felt that an elective section would alleviate this as she would be in control knowing the day of the birth, what to expect etc rather than waiting for labor and the unexpected nature of how labor will progress.

I'm also curious to know why you want a c section, of course you don't have to share if you don't want to, but I would encourage you to look at your reasons and really inform yourself of what a section involves etc as it is not as easy an option as some people think it is

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Regardless of my reasons, I'm entitled to choices. Choices that are supposedly offered yet frowned upon. And kittkatt and charmander it's 2014. I'm sure I could question your school choices, food options, car choice, safety decisions and the list goes on for your children however I don't. What you do with your body is your decision and what I do with mine is my choice. You make those choices for a reason. As I have.
Thanks Jess, that info is super helpful, much appreciated.
I was told by medical staff it more expensive for public hospitals hence the reluctance however I have had friends go through public and basically had to discuss their 'anxieties' with counsellor before it was granted.

My private ob did not bat an eyelid and as I went to explain my reasons she stopped me and said honey you do not need to explain it to me it is your body and your choice. smile
Thanks kendall1982. Good luck....
Hey, I know your not asking for advice weather to have one or not.. But I have had one... (emergency so I still went though an induced labor and all the ouchy stuff that happens before you have to push)

Ive heard horror stories from natural births.. My boyfriends ex-wife seriously got ripped to threads when she had their boys but every labor and birth is different.... I unfortantly had a baby that was posterior (spine to spine) and not resulted in major back pain but an emergency c section.... I accualy thought the whole time I was pregnant I would end up having a c section anyway lol..

Anyways... Just letting you know it F*ing sucks recovering... first 24hrs was stuck in a bed not being able to tend to baby or get up to pee... hurts to laugh, move , walk... no bending or reaching for 6 weeks but if u go natural u can get up and walk around almost instantly......

guess all im saying is hope you have really thought about it and its something you want to seriously do.. and its not as scary as everyone says it is... yes its a major surgery.. but women have it everyday,,,, it may benefit you to watch a c section birth on youtube before making your choice (it is acualy quite rough)...

p.s. Im sure if u go private they will do whatever u want to do

sorry I couldn't actually help but hope u find someone to help u out smile
Jess_7 wrote:
If you do watch one on youtube try to find an Australian one with skin to skin. Not the horrible American ones where they strap the womans arms down.

OMG are u serious!! I would feel like a mental patient if I had my arms strapped down... I watched one and the camera was positioned above where they cut and only showed them operating

P.S. just had a look on google (ive become curious on elective now haha) apparently if u talk to the midwife at antenatal they can get u assessed before they make a decision
If u can find a doctor who supports ur decision also discuss what hospital would be better suited. The hosp I am going to has high rate of elective c sections. My friend had one last week and had very positive experience. If u get a spinal tap instead of epidural then u should be up and walking that same day. Ur partner stays with u while u r stitched up and bub is placed on u as soon as possible. Quite often with emergency c sections they r under pressure to just get bubs out so incisions etc will not be as delicate as straight up planned elective.
But it isn't for everyone so do ur research and go in prepared when u speak to doc about it esp as it sounds like u will have to put ur case forward to get one smile
Why do you need the support of a GP for your decision? The hospital is who you need to convince. I think you should be able to choose how you give birth but I also believe you need a better reason than your bits been ruined like someone mentioned. If your really desperate for a c-section maybe you should have thought about going private before getting pregnant smile
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