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Hi everyone,

This forum has been created for members to exchange their questions, experiences and knowledge of caesarean births in a supportive way.

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Well im new here not sure if this is where i need to be but here goes i am 36.5 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have just been told i need a c-section due to her being in the breech position with the cord wrapped around her neck and her shoulder. She is 3cm longer than the text books say she should be and refuses to move. My question is why are they leaving the c-section until 2 days before she is due does this not pose a risk to her health if she tries to turn herself and shouldnt her size be taken into consideration?. Im very confused about this issue and cant seem to make much sense of the doctors. thank you
hi there.. I had a caeser at 38w 5 days. They told me they do them at 39 weeks or before as they cant afford for u to go into labour and have an emergency c/s,
Hi im new here. Im 27 weeks with my first and wanting a planned c-sec. I never planned on kids and hated the idea of being pregnant. But comprised to be with the man i love.

My hubby is fully supportive of my decision and i have done research. I did not cope well when i found out i was pregnant and it took me a long time to get my head around it.

Now i have PGP so im having good and bad days and im struggling with the loss of my independence both at home and at work. Quite frankly i dont think i can handle a VB and it scares the hell out of me. Im going public and every time i see a midwife and try and discuss my plan i feel belittled because of my choice. Has anyone else experienced this and can offer any advice?
Hi Jodie,
We are very much similar with regards to not planning on having kids etc. Quite frankly I have no interest in a VB.

Perhaps its different for me as I am going private and I spoke to my OB at the first appointment and he is only to happy to do it.

At the end of the day as long as baby is healthy dont give two hoots what anyone else thinks.
Thanks Christina

I would love to go private but i cannot afford it nor do i have hospital cover. This will be my first time in hospital as a patient and did not expect to get pregnant so early.
Hi Jodie, hopefully the hospital will support your decision.
Some people can be so judgmental of our decisions to have a caesar . Mothers are the worst.
I know what you mean about getting pregnant so early. I just thought I was late with stress and it was the last thing on my mind that I could be pregnant.
Thanks Christina
I finally have been booked in for a cesarean, had to see an obstetritian who listened to my reasons behind my decision to go for one and after recommending that i be induced and have and epidural before vaginal delivery i was still experiencing anxiety so they have booked me in, hoping that i will change my mind. I have an appointment with a mental health nurse in two weeks aswell but i am much happier now that i have been booked in. Yes i am extremely nervous, i have never been a patient staying in hospital before but it all came down to which i was scared of more.
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