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Hi all

I am now 9 days overdue and if nothing happens naturally by this Sunday I am going in to be induced.

Have any of you been induced? I've heard that it can make labour more drawn out and a lot more painful. I'd love to hear from anyone who has been induced and how you found it. This is my first so I don't have any other labours to compare it to.

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04


You poor thing I was 10 days overdue with my son and they induced me. The best thing I can recommend is ask for the gel and say that you would prefer not to have the drip as it starts contractions. The gel insertion is not pleasant but it dialated me enough for them to break my waters which for me was painless . And 1 Hour latter I was in LABOUR!!!! 5 Hours latter I had my son. I found my birth to be fantastic. Although with my baby due on March I am hoping to go into labour naturally.

I will be praying for you and hope that today is the day.


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Hi Deb,
I was induced for my first as I was 14 days over. I had the gel. My labour didn't start until 5 hours later and then 8 more hours I had my daughter. As this was first, and now pregnant with my second I couldn't tell you the differences in a natural labour.

Best of Luck with it all.

?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

I was induced but 10 days early (due to problems). I had the gel inserted behind the cervix, I had it done twice the first didn't work. My waters broke at 1.30am and i started labour about 1-2hours later and had Mya at 11.55pm the same day. My labour was quite good I only had pethadine and the gas and I sat in the bath most of the time I was in labour (that was really relaxing).
On the other hand my friend was induced a few days late and she had a horrible time. The midwife broke her waters but she also was put on a drip because she was not dilating fast enough. The drip makes the contractions alot stronger. She ended up having an epedrial which didn't work properly. but after all the pain she ended up with a beautiful wee boy. So the pain is worth while. My advise it that your midwife or doctor has been through it all before and they do know whats best for you and your baby, so do listen to them on the other hand you know your body so if you don't feel comfortable with something just speek up.

All the very best




I was induced because after 12 hours and not progressing I needed help. It made the experience a whole lot more painful and intense.

Hope your labour starts soon.

Hi Deb,

I had the drip after my contractions slowed down with my 2nd birth! I found that it brought the contractions on harder and faster but I was glad as I gave birth to my daughter only 30min later!! I did find it more painful than a natural birth but that was just me! Even though it was painful I still had no pain relief...even if I chose to it would have been too late! Every labour is different, whether you are induced or not so take it as it comes and try not to fret too much!

Best wishes

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Hi Debs

I was induced with both my kids as the 1st my water broke & then nothing.(4 Hour Labour)The second overdue 9 days and cervex not even open & head no engaged (She did not want to come out)
3 hour Labour. I believe induction speeds up the labour but Yes it is more intense.

Good Luck
Let us all know what ended up happening and what the sex of the baby.

I was induced 2 weeks after Cameron was due. I was a bit naive really, I thought that I would have the prosten gel and then I would go into Day 1 (wed) 9am prosten gel, 2pm more gel, discharged home. Day 2 (thurs) 9am gel, 4pm gel, and they kept me in over night "just in case”, so far there was know sign of labour and the Dr made me go to bed with panadeine forte and sleeping pills "just in case". Day 3 (fri) 10:30am waters broken artificially and I wanted to wait to see if I went into "natural" guess in it didn't happen. 12pm drip was in and at 3:45pm Cameron was born 6lb 12oz. Prosten gel from what I understand get you body really for labour, so have that if you can. The drip has different levels so that might make a difference to how drawn out our labour is, when I gave birth I stared on 30(whatevers) the min and then went up by multiples of 30, so when I gave birth I was on 90, the max is 180. Good luck I hope this gives you a bit of info, you might go into labour before Sunday (fingers crossed). Let us know.
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