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Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) Lock Rss

I just thought I'd give you all a little reassurance and hope with VBAC's my first birth was emergency caesarean at 40 wks and she weighed only 2kg. I have now had 4 natural births since all being induced, waters were broken for all and had the syntocin drip for my 3 live births and gel only for my little baby born sleeping. None of my natural births were over 90 mins and no tears or sutures. Hope this gives all of you out there a little positiveness as it is possible and the best decision ever made smile
Good luck getting your VBAC, I hope you do, as in my experience it is worth it. I have only had one c-section, then 2 VBAC. I'm in WA and when I first spoke to a public OB he scared me with his statistics. He also said that public was the only way as private won't do them. After deciding it was definitely what I wanted to do, the OB was very supportive. I too was told they would not induce as it increased the risk of the scar rupturing. Though they would use a foleys catheter and rupture membranes. For my 2nd one there was talk of them possibly inducing a small amount, but it didn't end up happening. I understand your concerns of how to look after other children after a c-section, as while I had a great recovery after my c-section that was one of my concerns. So I say if you're sure a VBAC is what you want keep at it, as in my experience the more I wanted it and the more the more people (being public I saw a few different ones) who informed me the more supportive they were as they knew I was making an informed decision. Once again good luck.

My names Jo and I am a mum of two.

My first daughter was born by csection after a 36 hour labour. I had dilated to 10 centimeters, however ended up with a temperature and therefore had to be rushed in for a csection.

When i fell pregnant with my second child all I wanted was a VB. So when the doctor asked me if i wanted an opted csection i refused and said I would try for a VB. When I went into labour at 41 weeks the midwifes on the ward were trying to get me on a constant monitor laid on a bed to which i refused. Things weren;t going to quickly so they allowed me to go into one of the birthing suits with the birthing pool. I was in there only 3 hours when the midwife examined me and said i was 7cm dilated. I was so pleased. The doctors came in and told me about the risked on rupture but I said I would take the chance as I felt confident I knew my own body. After another couple of hours the pains increased and the midwife said the baby was on its way. I quickly got into the birthing pool and 30 mins later my second daughter had arrived.

My advise would be to listen to your own body. Don't be bullied by doctors and their medical babble. I did it and it was great.
Thought I would come in and update about my delivery.

DD (2008) was emergency C-section after ~16 hour labour. Presented at 7cm dilated but stalled there and needed epidural and synto then bub got distressed although made it to fully dilated.

This time - S&S stirred things up and went in to hossy with increasing contractions. Was only 2cm so got a bit down in the dumps but headed up to the ward. Managed there for a about 3 hours and used the shower (which might not have been possible in birth suite although they do have the wireless monitors that I was expecting to be strapped to!) but decided I wanted some gas so got them to take me down to birth suite. 2 contractions after I got there my waters broke all over DH's shoes! Felt like I wanted to push but I didn't really want to until they examined me. Turned out I was ready! So 2-10cm in 3 hours with a bit of gas for a few contractions only. Pushing was a bit harder as DS was still OP. SO, pushed for ~45min then had vaccuum for 2 pulls and he was out. Did get a 2nd degree tear but recovery has been much easier this time round.

In the end I think it depends on why you needed the C-sect to start with and what your preferences are, lots of info out there so ask heaps!
hello smile
im looking for someone who may have had a similar experience too me as I'm very confused about my upcoming 'elective' csection!

I have a daughter born via c-sect jan2011. I went into labour by myself (my waters broker and contractions started) they put me on the centocin (i think its called? the one that speeds up your contractions) as she had to come out as she had pooed her waters. After 13.5hrs I hadnt dilated at all! I was 1 cm at 38 weeks, and was still 1 cm after this labour at 39+6!

My mum and 2 of my aunties also didnt dilate and had to have csects for all their children. So, because of family history and failure to progress I had a csect.

This time round, I wanted a vbac but as there will only be a 14 month gap between my children, they dont want me to have a vbac. They say risks are too high and chances are I wouldnt be able to do it anyway because of family history.

Has anyone else heard of women just not dilating? Or not dilated at all one time, but successfully another?
I dont want to risk the safety of my child, I would just really like the chance to try vbac, especially for the healing time etc when I have my young daughter..

thanks smile
I had a c-section with my first bub. I felt like all the "professionals" around me pushed me into it, knowing things now which I wish I had known then I would have done things much differently, it may not have changed the result but you never know!
I've only just found out i'm pregnant but definitely hopeful for a successful VBAC. Its nice to read all the different experiences, stories and opinions on here - I plan to be much more informed and hopefully more confident in MY choices this time around!
Hi ladies i'm currently pregnant with bub number 3 and i'm new to the forums.After reading your stories you've made me even more determined to fight for a vbac2.
Both my daughters were born by emergency c section.
My eldest was back in 2000 i had pre eclampsia with her and while hooked up to machines after having my waters broke and being induced she went into distress so off for an emergency c section i went.
It was another 8 yrs before i fell pregnant again and this time i was kinda pushed into having another c section.Though this time i was perfectly well and went into labor 2 weeks before my due date by the time i got to the hospital my contractions were 4 mins apart and i was excited about the fact maybe they would let me try for a vbac but nope instead i was told i had to have an emergency c section as bubs was breech which in a way wasn't to bad as she ended up being 9 pound 3.
4 yrs later and here i am pregnant with number 3 and i really want to try for a vbac2 i asked midwife at first hospital appt and she was the first person to actually tell me it can be done safely but it would depend on my situation. If bubs was gonna be a big baby they wouldn't allow it but advised me to talk to my Dr at my next appt which is in 4 weeks.
So i would like to thank all you ladies who have shared your stories i now know it is possible and well have some good arguments to put across to my Dr in a few weeks time.I know at the end of the day it is what is safest for mum and bub but i would really like to be just given a chance if i don't succeed that's fine.I would really just like the option I'm sure you all understand.
My waters ruptured the day prior to my due date with bub #1 but contractions wouldn't settle in; so the started centocin - 14 hours later; my contractions were very strong but all over the place & I was dilated a whopping 2cm. I was so devastated when they told me this. My labour was virtually identically to my Aunty's first birth. I elected to try for a VBAC with #2. (3 years difference). I made some big changes throughout my pregnancy to help me get there. I continued to exercise (yoga / pilates / thai chi classes and walking right up to 1 week before I had baby. I started drinking raspberry leaf tea at 37 weeks (may be a wives tale but I was willing to give it all a go). I also did a lot of research on active labour. According to research walking / moving throughout your labour makes you dilate quicker along. I also used an exercise ball regularly in the last 3 weeks to assist to soften my cervix. My waters broke at home and contractions while fairly strong were a little inconsistent so I walked around the house & up and down the stairs; I got to the hospital an 3 hours later and was already 4 cm dilated. Things stalled a little at the hospital as they wanted me connected to monitors but I was insistent & used the ball as much as possible. After 12 hours of labour total I had a successful VBAC. The midwives were very supportive & one of them even went to bat for me when the doctor suggested we start thinking about a c.
Every case is different; at the end of the day a healthy baby & mum is the most important thing - try for it if you think you can but be open to having the c if it becomes necessary for the safety of you or your bub!
Good luck!
Hi all
New to this but just wanted to tell my story smile im a 33year old mum of 6. With my son It was induced labour, 2nd was an em c section with twins (boys), 3rd was V.B.A.C (boy), 4th V.B.A.C (girl), 5th V.B.A.C (boy). I just found that my recovery was much quicker each time (getting to be an expert lol) and go home 4 hours after they are born smile

Mum of.. DS 14 DS 12 DS 12 DS 8 DD 7 DS 1 and preg

~kitty~ wrote:
Hi there smile

Just wanting to share that I had an amazing home birth after 2 caesareans 12 days ago!
My baby girl was born 7hrs before I was due at the hospital for a scheduled c-section. I decided to book in the section a few days prior, mostly because I was disappointed that my body wouldn't go into labour and I was beginning to get concerned for my baby being well past my EDD.
Labour came on incredibly fast and fierce a couple of hours after I noticed my waters had started leaking, with contractions lasting 60secs with about 60secs to recover. I laboured in the bath with my MW and DH to support me, they just managed to get a small pool filled in the family room in time for me to start pushing.
I had no idea my labour would be so short... I went from 0-10cms in less than 90mins and pushed for about 20mins.
We hadn't entirely planned on having a home birth. I'm so thankful my MW was able to support me either way...
It was such an incredible experience!

WOOOHOO!!! wub wub wub

Bet it felt fabulous..well you know what I mean. tongue

I'm stealing a few quiet moments to try and share my VBAC story while my new baby Ivy is sleeping in my arms smile

So I had quite a traumatic emergency caesar just over 4 years ago with my beautiful daughter Ayla. It has been at times very difficult to deal with emotionally to the point where it was holding me back from wanting more children for a couple of years. Although i'll never forget it my recent VBAC has been very healing. I wish every woman could have a birth experience exactly like the one I've just had!!

I was originaly given a due date of 7th Nov which was later revised to 16th Nov but I had a lot of bh throughout my pregnancy and i was convinced she would come on the earlier date. How wrong i was!!

Despite desperately wanting a VBAC I had to agree with the hospital when they booked me in for intervention scheduled for 29th Nov 7:30am as it was 2 weeks past the later EDD given. I had a VE on 22nd Nov at which point my cervix was still closed despite some very painful bh the week before.

A few days before the birth I had painful bh every 7-8mins for 30hrs after which i lost my plug. At the time i was so tired and depressed thinking that my body would never go into labour. It was so upsetting to have contractions for so long to then just have them fizzle out. I tried to mentally prepare myself for the caesar and just try to accept it.

Then on 28th Nov around 3pm I had a few bh which were quite painful like they had been last time. There was no pattern to them and they weren't too bad so I was sure they'd fizzle yet again. I took 2 panadol and tried to go to bed. At around 11:30pm I gave up on sleep and timed the contractions for an hour but they still weren't particularly regular. I also noticed they were more in my thighs and back than my belly.

I had a hot shower to try and relax a bit, the whole time thinking about how these bh were going to keep me up all night again and i'd be exhausted for the surgery.

I woke hubby up around 1am as i wanted to ask the hospital a few questions but knew i couldn't talk on the phone with the bh so close together sometimes. While he made the call i got into the bath which was awesome. I actually started falling asleep in there so decided i should probably get out! The midwife on the phone said they didn't sound like proper contractions and to stay home.

At 2am though i was so tired that i was starting to get upset and i told hubby he needed to take me up there so they could give me something to help me sleep. During the 30mins drive to the hospital i noticed the bh were about 2-3mins apart and i remember saying how unfair it was that they were so close together when they weren't even real contractions.

When we arrived at the hospital i had a VE and was found to be 6-7cm already!! I nearly cried with relief. It actually was labour after all and the reason they were a bit irregular and not in my belly is that my baby was posterior.

I then had the gas for about an hour as i was so tired and just needed to relax a bit. After that i used heatpacks on my back and thighs which were magical. The most effective pain relief though was my husband's calm voice directing me to just breathe through each contraction. At one point the midwives said they felt redundant because i already had such great support!! They also asked where we did our calmbirth classes which we actually hadn't done!!

It was a beautiful labour, so calm. not the screaming, crying panic i had been in for the first birth. I started pushing at 4:40am and at 6am my midwife calmly told me i needed to really push because there were drs out there watching the clock. Well that was all the motivation i needed and 10mins later i breathed my baby out into my arms.

So at 6:10am Ivy was born, 1hr 20mins before i was due to have my caesar!! I'm sure i've forgotten lots of details but one handed typing is always a challenge!!
Wow this is an old thread but all the stories are so good and inspiring hearing alot of you ladies have had a successfull VBAC

My first baby was a virginal birth with a lot of help after 24 hours of labour with help I had every drug one nocked me out for a good 6 hours the gas made me feel sick when I was in the middle of pushing they forced me to have a Epi because every time they put there hand up there is would scream in pain ( they were seeing we're bub head was) apparently my bladder was full and I couldn't wee I didn't have the urge so they attempted a cathider (sp?) but I couldn't let them then they said baby was is distress so alOng can't the Epi much to my disagreement but it wasn't about me any more I was in middle of pushing at this time and they were telling me to keep still and not move ok how they hell am I ment to do that when I need to push after the Epi was in and cathider they would tell me to push on each contraction I cpuldnt tell Soy midwife would tell me when they cut me a little to assist and forceps to help after 2.5 hours pushing I finaly had my baby who was 8pound1

Our second baby the pregnancy was good but at 16 weeks I had a lot of bleeding the nurses told me I'm having a mc I told them I wanted them to check for a heart beat with to there suprise was a very strong heart beat I finaly had an ultrasound and baby was doing just fine turn out I had a hematoma that's why I was bleeding nothing to do with baby at my 37 week check they said baby is still breeched I only got given 2 choices to try turn him or c/s I was crying for ages that I didnt have a choice no one explanses why breeched baby's can't be born naturally we booked for 5 may on the 1st may I went in to labour buy TE we got to hospital I was 6 cm already so emergency c/s it was baby was born 7pound 7 I got to see him for two seconds and then he got taken way with breathing problems

If my baby was born naturally he would have had any breathing problems the reason for him not breathing night was fluid in lungs when they transfered him to a bigger hospital he stoped breathing on arrival makes me so up set they my poor baby had to be brought in to this world struggling to breath but he is a very healthy boy now

This time around I would love to have a VBAC and I'm not letting them push me in to something I don't want after all they can't cut me if I don't agree

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