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Breech Baby - AGAIN! Anyone else? Lock Rss

Went for my 32 week check-up last week and at this point, baby's (no. 2) head is up. This is exactly what happened with my first and he never turned, therefore I ended up with a c-sect. Yes, I will try excercises but I have a feeling that my shape may be the cause of this. It's a little bit of a coincidence that this is happening again. I was all geared up for a VBAC this time. What I'd really like to know is whether anyone has had more than one breech baby?
Hi Lizzie

I am a bit different to you in that my first baby was head down but spine against my spine (posterior) and I was given excercises to encourage her to turn which she never did. After an extremely long labour I ended up having an emergency c section. I just had my 28-29 week ante natal appointment at the hospital and sure enough this baby has settled into a posterior position too. I have also been told that the baby is big and if it stays this way I will have to have another ceaser but was hoping for a vaginal birth this time. It seems strange to me that this can happen twice. I have to see the OB at the hospital at 36 weeks to see whether another ceaser will be the case or not - all I know is I am not going through a labour like last time which in the end will result in a ceaser delivery!

Anyhow good luck and fingers crossed bubs turns for you.


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Hi Kristi,
It IS strange isn't it. I wonder whether it's the shape of our uterus that is dictating how these babies of ours are sitting. The midwife that I saw at my 32 week visit has said that she works on post birth ward and she has seen many women who recovered better with their 2nd c-sect due to the fact that some of their nerve endings had already been affected during 1st c/s and they knew how to handle the post op better as they had already experienced this before. That made me feel better. Maybe both of our babies will turn soon. Who knows?!
Hi Lizzie, my baby was breech at 32 weeks, one of the midwives who was also a reflexologist told me that if you massage your little toes there is a pressure point on the side and underneath, have a feel or better still get your partner to! find the tender spot and deep massage on it for about 10 mins. According to her it is failsafe, my baby turned, mind you the Dr. thought it was the funniest thing he had heard! But hey it worked> Worth a go! Keep us informed.

Deb. (Emilias Mum!!)

Hi Emilia, went for my 34 week check today. Head still up! Have been given excercises, been told that acupuncture has been known to work too. No one at the hospital seems to think that there have been any studies done in regards to why some women have multiple breech presentation. Wish there was some info. on this. I'm curious as to whether my babies are just stubborn and want to remain upright, or whether it's the shape of my uterus/body. I was offered an ECV during 1st pregnancy which is when Dr. tries to manually turn baby for you. I didn't give it a go due to stresses and risks for mother and baby. The midwives don't seem to think it would be an option this time anyway as I've already had 1 c/s. What's meant to be is meant to be. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks.
Oops. I mean hi Deb! Not hi Emilia.
Hello Mums I was just reading your posts and was wonder if your babies turned? I have heard that acupuncture helps as well.

My first went into breech around 32 weeks and just didnt go back, so I also had a caesarean. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with my second and just hoping and praying this one doesnt do the same thing....

I would love to know your outcomes.
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