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what to bring to hospital??? Rss

hi, im new to all of this and i am currently 27 weeks pregnant, i am wondering how many nappies i would need to pack into my bag to take to the hospital when the time comes for our little princess to be born, my midwife says i would only need to be in hospital for at least 48 hours and i know that newborns go through 10-12 nappies a day (based on what i have read). So i was wondering if anyone could help me out on this, thanks
Hi there, from experiance ( I've had 2 beautiful babies ) most hospitals have newborn nappies available, but they do like you to bring at least one full packet, probably just a small packet, I think the newborn nappies come in small packets of about 30 or so, you should only need one packet. But do take a full packet incase you are in hospital for longer than expected. I was told I would only be in hospital for 1 night but ended up staying 5 due to complications. You never know exactly how long you might be there for. But when I went I took a full packet of nappies and I didn't even use them coz the hospital had them tucked in the bottom of the little plastic cradle thingy the bub sleeps in. So I saved mine and took them home lol
Also make sure you take a few little outfits for bubs. And lots of maternity pads! At least 2 packs.
And newborns don't go thru that many nappies a day, maybe 6-8 day and night. My sons never used 10-12 a day. Good luck with your labour! smile

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