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Question for anyone who's been induced Lock Rss

I have never asked, but I would say no, I have had two inductions. Both times I was hooked up to the foetal heart rate monitor the whole time. In fact I couldn't move off the bed. I was also given a cannula, as the risk of cs is higher and sometimes they need to move fast.

However, with my second I was given gel in the evening and sent home, I came back the next morning, hooked up to everything and had my waters broken. I was at home with my bubs by 6pm that evening smile

Ranzcog still say that there is a 67% increased risk of c-section via induction. But those figures are for inductions prior to 39 weeks as far as I know. As you are overdue your uterus is probably far more favourable especially if it isn't your first. The other risk is uterine atony, which increases post delivery bleeding, so most midwives would want you in hospital to monitor that I would say.

I don't know, maybe it's different in Australia, but my obs or midwife would have not even given a thought to allowing me to do a home delivery under induction. My hospital also did allow women to go home after your waters broke, but labour hadn't actively started. But you had to come back within 24 hours if it hadn't. I doubt that they would allow you home if they manually broke them.

I waz induced with gel and had to be hooked up to machines from the get go. If u do have to be induced I would really recommend getting a yoga ball. I bounced-sat on mine through the whole labour and found it so so much more bearable than being on th3 bed and the cords for the monitors could just reach formme to sit beside the bed.
I think they say c section more likely if u are induced as epidural more likely (syntocin contractions are worse apparently) and with epidural this then means c sections or other forms of Intervention are more likely.
You can say no to being induced. In your position if I got to the point they said they wanted to induce I would request another scan and if baby was happy and fluid levels good then I would be waiting a little longer and just being induced if there was actually a medical reason.

I was induced earl (37 weeks) at my request (read insistence) in consultation with my midwife. I wasnt allowed home because of the other complications which lead to me requesting induction in the first place but the plan was we would break my waters, I was to walk up and down a bit to get things moving then we would go for an early epidural (again due to my complications) and from there we would go the syntocin etc as needed....

Well they broke my waters, I didnt even make it halfway down the corridor before I couldnt walk any more and felt like I had to push. Everyone told me I probably needed the toilet so I was sitting there when my midwife arrived, and we went down for my "early epidural" by the time they put it in I couldnt not push anymore and DS was born less than 2 hours after they broke my waters with that being the only "induction" they had to do despite me being early!

Not sure if they would allow you to have your waters broken at home or if you could go home after them breaking them tho sorry.
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