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Hi ladies, Im 30 weeks and I've been reading a lot of birth stories saying that it was too late for them to get an epidural. At what stage is it too late? I'm really scared becuase I definitely want an epi again, but my midwife is into the all natural approach and has been dropping comments like "well hopefully you wont have time for an epidural" and it's starting to upset me. Please help me out if you have had experience in what Im talking about smile thanks
There wasn't time for an epidural for the birth of ds.
I had been induced with the gel, and 10 hours later I was 4.5cm and the dr had said if I was 5cm or more by that Point they would let me continue naturally, but if not I would haveto be put on syntocin.
So, only 4.5cm at the given time so they said I would have to have syntocin, I was over it all by this point and felt if I was only 4.5 by 10 hours I had another 10 hours to go till fully dilated, so I agreed to syntocin but only with an epi as I had heard syntocin increased the intensity of contractions and I was barely coping as it was.
the aneathatist (sp?) came and read me the consent form, which was a joke as I wasn't listening to all the risks, I didn't care I just wanted the pain to stop. I'm on all 4's at this point and suddenly one of the midwives (according to my husband) says 'I can see something moving' and an hour from being 4.5cm I had ds and there was no time for an epidural.
I was glad there wasn't, it was the thougHt of hours more of the pain that was awful, as soon as something started happening I was fine, the end was in sight! smile
I would seriously discuss your concerns with yr midwife as u need to feel safe that she will support yr decisions.

Just tell them upfront that you are hoping to get one.
To be honest with my daughter i was pretty open to whatever happens. But I was 5cm when induced to speed things up. 10 mins later I wanted the midwife to check how dilated I was because I felt like I was going to die. She brushed it off because it was too soon but organised the epi for me because I was not coping. The epi was in within 10mins and once I was comfortable sge said "I will check how dilated you are because I've never had someone look in so much pain that quickly." Turns out I was full dilated. So they were able to do the epi regardless. Even after fulll dilation they waited an hour just to let the baby drop naturally a bit more before pushing. I honestly think there is plenty of time but sometimes they don't want to bother when its later in the labour process. I want an epi again next time, there was no way I wpuld have been able to push with the pain I was in. I'm going to tell my midwife and ob beforehand that it's part of my "birth plan", which cpuld change but there is no harm in planning with them what you would prefer.

As soon as I was 4 cm I told the midwife to get the anaesthetist (you can't have it before then) even though my pain was fine. I knew I had to be quick because once I start feeling like I cant handle the pain it's already too late. I wasn't going to take no for an answer and by number 4 I didn't care what the midwife's opinion was, I just was not giving birth again without one. Stand your ground and get in early.
Find a new midwife... one that will be supportive of your decision to want an epidural. Or tell her that this is what you want and you don't want to be stuffed around with it.

I didn't ask... but was actually offered an epidural when I was 8cm dilated. They offered because bub was posterior and thought I'd cope better. I declined but they said I could ask for it even in an hour or two - so the "no time" story isn't always true. It also depends if you're delivering in a private or public hospital, private hospitals don't always have an anaethetist available and so it takes longer to organize

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If I was you I would have a very frank discussion about your wishes, and if your midwife is not open to an epi I would find someone immediately who is. You don't go to a dentist and have a filling without anesthetic - why should childbirth be any different? Best of luck!!
I think it is best if you tell her frankly. I mean a good or open relationship with your midwife is essential for a successful labor. What you feel is important. I think that she should be the one who should adjust to what you feel like is the best for your own own self. Just my 2 cents. Goodluck!
I was told it was too late with my DD & pushed through the pain because I had to. With DS I went in thinking I could do it natural again but quickly realised I wanted the epidural. Again I was told it was too late, there was no-one available etc etc. I was pleading with them to listen as I knew something was wrong & he was stuck. Eventually they realised he had shoulder dystocia & no way was he coming out with out help. After what seemed like endless paperwork that I also did not read or understand just wanted to have our baby born alive. I was rushed to theatre & had a spinal block, not long after our DS was born. Because of them not listening to me we almost lost our son. You need to let the midwife know what you want, afterall you are the one giving birth & if she can't support that find someone that does.
Darling, giving birth is a beautiful time don't freak out. The moment you enter the birth suite ask for the epidural, no questions asked. My friend was in labor for 2hrs in total and still managed to have an epi. There is no excuse, as soon as you feel your in labor go to the hospital and demand it immediately -is your baby and your right to have the birth you want not what the midwife wants.
It often depends on what time of day you go into labour. For instance they may have an anaesthetist at the hospital Mon-Fri 8am-5pm but then after hours & over the weekend there is just an anaesthetist on call. I went into labour on a Sunday & when I asked for an epi they said ok we'll ring the anaesthetist on call but if he's caught up in surgery it might be a while (luckily he wasn't & arrived 20mins later). I have made a mental note of this & next time I go in I will be asking how far away the anaesthetist is & I will ask for the epi long before I really need it if it's after hours. Some people talk about getting epi's too early & then they wear off before the baby comes but I had a continuous infusion epi so it just kept pumping the drug in until the stopped it which was well & truly after the birth & after I had been all stitched up etc. Just make sure you know exactly what the hospital have on offer so you can be well informed, write down your birth plan wishes & take it with you to the hospital. You will be fine! I loved the whole child birth experience but only because of that epidural! LOL

By the way I got my epidural at 3cm & within an hour of getting it I was fully dilated.
Firstly speak to your midwife. She needs to understand the importance it is to you. I've had both mine at 4-6 cms dilated. Prepare for the possibility it maybe to late or doesn't work. This happened with my second and to be honest I doubt lll even ask for an epidural for our third.

Totally get the freak out - honestly it's just one day (it in my case 31hrs and 23hrs) but it's totally worth it.

Check out 'birth without fear' online it gives you great peace of mind.

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