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My story... (Sorry its so loooong!!) Lock Rss

So, it was the week of Christmas, and we had been discussing for a week or so the possibility of moving into a house that belongs to DH's dad, and renting our house out until we get around to subdividing the block. Then Christmas Day DH finally made up his mind and we decided to move the week after we got back from our holiday, so the first full week of January.

Christmas was good, we had lunch with DH's family and then drove a 4hour trip to join my family for a weeks holiday. We were staying in one of my Uncle and Aunt's house, as they were away on holidays for that week. We had a pretty good trip, and then got there to find out that my niece (who is 6 weeks younger than DD) was sick. We didn't really think anything of it till the next day when my two youngest siblings (12 and 15) started throwing up while we were enjoying the afternoon at the beach, and then my mum started feeling really crook. That night all of the household (there were 10 adults, DD and my niece) except DH, DD, me and my SIL had gotten sick, so SIL and I spent the evening cleaning the bathroom and laundry up after the others, plus looking after our little girls.
The next morning (Friday) we still felt pretty good, so we left the house of death and went shopping, just to get out mainly. My brother's car decided to die whilst at the shops, my niece had an explosion all over her car seat, and DH and I were feeling a little uncomfortable at the thought that we might be sick next. And sure enough, that night it started again, DH and SIL (who is now 33 weeks pregnant, was 26 weeks at the time, and I was 35 weeks pregnant) got sick, and a couple hours later so did I. DH was pretty miserable, I didn't get hit too bad thankfully! Was a little worried it would cause labour to start, but thankfully nothing like that happened.
We found out later that there was a gastro bug hitting the town, and we got lucky and caught it. Still don't know whether we caught it off my niece, or we caught it in town somewhere.... So Saturday the household looked a little worse for wear, most people were starting to get over it, but still feeling pretty average. It left us feeling really weak, tired and with huge headaches. And then that night DD got sick sad She threw up quite a bit, but was mostly just very lethargic and wanted cuddles, so she just sat on my lap most of the day.
By Monday we were mostly all over it so we decided to venture out to the beach, but we had only been there 5min when DD started crying, wanting to go home and complaining of a sore head. She didn't really do anything for the rest of the week but sit on my lap and sleep, we went through nearly a whole bottle of panadol as she kept complaining of a sore head. And the trip home on Thursday was a nightmare as she cried all the way home, complaining of a sore head. I took her to the Dr that afternoon (she perked up as soon as we got home and was her normal self at the Dr, typical!!) where she had no temp, no sign of ear infection or anything. And we had no problems with her after that, except that when she wanted attention, cried or got mad she would complain of a sore head (that lasted about a week or two, now she has forgotten).
So, my holiday consisted of cleaning up after grotty sick brothers who couldn't do it themselves, then getting sick, then looking after a grumpy and sick daughter. Spent all of 20min at the beach, a couple of hours at the shop, 1.5hours at church and the rest of the time at the house. Was not the fun relaxing holiday I was looking for!

And then the next week we moved house. The new house is only 3min away, so it was a very messy and unorganised shift. I packed some boxes on Monday, took them to the new house and emptied them so I could repack them again the next day. Tuesday we shifted all the furniture and large stuff, Wednesday I packed the rest of the house up and Thursday we scrubbed the old house (I didn't do it all myself, thankfully my mother and MIL helped!) By the end of that week we were mostly unpacked in our new house and the old house was clean, although DH still needed to do some painting and fixing up before we could rent it out. And by the end of that week I was exhausted, and worried that the baby would come before I was ready for it! And moving meant we had no internet, a small problem which wasn't fixed until last week Thursday! I occasionally used DH's phone, but he went way over his limit already, so I had to find other ways to amuse myself...

The week later (15th Jan) my other SIL had her baby, a little girl! She was cute and little, and it was really fun watching DD with the baby. She had to hold her, patted her head gently and kept saying "hello" to her smile It was neat watching how gentle she was with the baby, and actually made me feel better about how she would react when our little one came. That night I had 3 hours of contractions, although they were pretty irregular they hurt like anything and I was convinced that I was going to have the baby the next day. I remember lying in bed getting really grumpy because the crochet blanket and hats I was planning on making for the baby weren't ready yet. They didn't last though and I had to laugh at what I was thinking the next morning grin

Then two weeks later, on Wednesday the 29th January I woke up about 5am (funny thing is that I woke up about the same time in labour with DD almost 2 years earlier!) with contractions that were fairly regular and pretty strong. I spent a while in the shower, which helped but I didn't want to use too much water, plus DD woke up so I had to get out. The contractions were mostly in my back (which is where they were with DD) and were approx 5-8min apart and about 30-40sec long. DH stayed home from work, telling his boss that his wife was in labour and he wouldn't be coming in, and we dropped DD off at my mums, so I had a family full of excited people waiting for news... At about 9.00 they started to slow down, but were stronger and lasting longer, so I still had hope that this was it. But by 10.30 I had only had 2 contractions in an hour, and they were both after I had gotten up from my chair. So DH got changed and I dropped him off at the train station. Needless to say I was pretty annoyed that they had stopped!
An hour later I had some lunch and rang my mum saying I would probably be by that afternoon to pick DD back up, but was having a snooze first. I had only just lain down when they started again, by 12.30 they were regular, about 5min apart and lasting 30-40sec. I spent some time in the shower, rang my mum again! and wandered around the house (actually, I can't really remember what I was doing...) by 2 I was pretty sure that this was it and messaged DH that it was happening, I was doing ok but wanted him home ASAP. He said that he would be finished by about 4ish, so would be home just after 5, but if I needed him earlier he would drop his work and come home (thing is, if he didn't finish his work he would need to come in either Thurs or Fri to finish it, so I was determined to wait till he finished). 3.20 he rang and said he had finished enough and would be home as soon as he could, probably about 4.20ish. Around 4pm I was getting pretty desperate, and decided would head to the hospital as soon as DH had come home and changed. I picked him up from the station, thankfully I didn't have any contractions during the 5min drive there (and then had 2 on the drive home!). When we got home I rang the hospital, and the nurse said I sounded like I was doing ok so could wait 30min or so or I could come in now, I opted to come in. We got to the hospital about 4.40, took 10min to walk the normally 4min walk into the maternity ward. I went to the desk and talked to the clerk, who asked me my details and then goes "And what is your problem?" I stood stunned for a couple of seconds, and then was like, "umm, labour?" Thankfully the midwife came past and told me to come through to the assessment room! I still laugh about it now, I was rather amused even at the time...
The MW asked me about my contractions, and I said with DD they were like this and she was born 1.5hours later, so she didn't bother take my obs and did a VE right away. I was very relieved to hear I was 7cm and she had to be very careful not to break my waters. She also told me that I would probably have the baby in the next 15-20min (it was about 4.55 at the time). I was taken straight to a labour suite, and after they took my obs I headed for the bathroom. The shower was on for 2min before my waters broke (all over DH's feet, the poor guy was horrified, apparently it felt warm and sticky wink ) and right away I had to push. So I crouched on the floor and listened to my body, hanging onto a rail and one of the taps, which I pulled out the wall! It hurt so bad, I could feel him crowing and it hurt to push but my body wouldn't let me not push. When his head was born I looked down and could see his head, which was really cool to see and made me feel really good and empowered. He was born with the next contraction, and the midwife passed him straight to me to hold. And I checked and it was a boy!!! I was so happy and felt really good! They let me hold him for a few minutes before cutting the cord and I headed to the bed to deliver the placenta and sort out stitches etc.
I fed him almost straight away, while the Dr was stitching me up, which was really good, just what I wanted to do. Thing is, with DD I had pethidine when I got to the hospital, and she was born only 1hour later, so I don't remember much of the pushing, I don't remember feeling her crown, and both of us were kind of out of it when she was born, I didn't feed her, didn't really know what was going on. It must have helped with the pain as with DS it was the worst thing I have ever felt and I never felt anything like that with DD, but I am really glad I got to experience a completely natural birth, and would do it again. He was born at 5.13 pm, after just under 5hours active labour, and only 1 hour since DH came home from work!

Reuben Alexander weighed 3315gm (7lbs5) 49cm long, HC 34cm, and looking absolutely perfect! He spent 30min bawling his eyes out before I could feed him, the cutest cry I have ever seen cos his bottom lip kept coming way out and quivering, DH and I just laughed cos it was so cute!

The nurses were great, as was my Dr. I had a great experience, and the nurses were so impressed they all told me to come back in 18months time wink DD loves her little brother, is really gentle with him and loves holding him smile He is really good, he actually sleeps (DD never slept) and I find myself with plenty of time to play with DD and look after my house. We feel so very blessed with our little man and I am loving being a mother to a newborn again smile

I will add pictures at some stage, just have to get around to uploading them smile

What a beautiful story! Congrats on your little man

Wow what a story!! So glad everything went well for you. Can't wait to see pictures xx
Thanks for sharing. The holiday sounded awful... but the birth sounded perfect!

I think you got the HC wrong though tongue I imagine 34cm would be more likely than 24... don't sell yourself short lol

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Lovely birth story, thanks for sharing smile

Wow, that was long laugh

What a horrible holiday! And what a time to move!

Glad you had a good birth though smile Congratulations on your little man!

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Sorry to hear about your crappy holiday. sad

Such a lovely birth story though. Glad to hear that you and your little man are doing well. Hoping my birth turns out to be as lovely as yours. smile

Thanks everyone! Needless to say we aren't going down that way for a holiday anytime soon tongue

And thanks skubs! I was trying to think what the HC was, I knew it was .4, thought it was 44 but that was too close to his length, so I figured 24 was right. But 34 sounds much better smile

Haha mimsy, your comment made me laugh. I really didn't think I was that close, although I had decided I wanted the baby by 6... I was only 45 min off! But it didn't seem that bad at the time, same with DD actually, it didn't seem like I was that close to having the baby till I got to the hospital and they confirmed it. I am pretty sure that if we had gotten to the hospital earlier he would have been born sooner, I just needed confirmation that I was close and I could push if I needed too... KWIM? But, saying that, the car ride was torture. I don't know how you people who live more than 3min drive from the hospital do it! Contractions in the car are the worst!

Oh yeah car contractions are not fun! We live 30-40 mins from the hospital, more in traffic. When I was in labor with DD, although I wanted to stay home longer we decided to leave at 5:30am because I knew if we left it much longer we'd end up hitting the first run of traffic and sitting in the car contracting for that long didn't seem like a great option. Glad we did though, as I was 8cm by the time we arrived

34cm would be just right for his size. 44cm would not be nice for your lady business tongue

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What a great birth story! And a crappy holiday sad yeah car contractions definitely suck! We only live 2 minutes from a hospital but they can't do caesareans so DH got my to give birth at a hospital 45 minutes away. *sigh* men...
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